Thursday, August 21, 2014

Diamond L - Part 1

I've finally learned how to resize photos so they'll load in less than 3 days!  :)

Ready for a tour?
Starting at the bottom of the drive, I give you - the left gate.
Not that it's super important or anything, I just really like the gate check holding it open.  It's probably been the same branch for years.  :)

Our very own private shooting preserve.  It just doesn't get any cooler than that.

A little loveliness along the edge of the drive.

The view from about half way up.

Almost at the top of the drive.
That's a Crepe Myrtle against the side of the house - the blossoms are so pretty!

The top of the drive.  (It goes around to the back of the house.)

The back of the house.
The boys room window is closest, and the other four look into the kitchen.  The retaining wall was FULL of weeds, some taller than I am.  The boys did a great job gutting it.

The front.
If you look carefully you can see Lily and Doodle looking out the front door.

Give me a bit and I'll get the inside tour ready for you!


  1. Ooooo! (Excited squeal) I've been longing for photos :D That fifth one... the flower... what IS that? It all looks so lush and green - like it has been raining and everything is fresh.

    Welcome home :D


  2. Wild sunflowers! Survival food! Lovely place! Praying for joyful memories to be made!


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