Friday, August 22, 2014

Diamond L - Inside Tour

Ahh . . . our little house . . . bliss!

The living room windows face west.  Once the warm summer afternoons are over, the shutters are coming down.  They're pretty, but they block the even prettier view of the front yard/pasture.  I'll probably put up some fairly neutral curtains so as to not deter from the view.

 Yes, every single bookcase fit!  :)

From the front door you look straight into the dining room.  Since Piotr works from home, he loves having that office chair at the head of the table where he not only eats, but works.

That space under the windows is screaming for a big, cushioned window seat with storage underneath.

The kitchen.
It's a little tight, but we're learning how to work it.  I'm not sure what to do with the shelves above the stove.  I don't want stuff collecting dust, grease, and cooking spatters up there, ya know?

The other side of the kitchen is currently the staging area for any current house project.  There you see the new sink/vanity that will go in the second bathroom.
See the six doors that looks like an amazing pantry?  Think again!  The three doors on the left are attached to each other to make one tall door.  Ditto the the doors on the right.

Through those doors, you have the laundry room, and side door access.
Kind of like the wardrobe in Narnia, but not nearly as cool.
(There's a dog door on the other side of the fridge, from where Lily has just come.)

 The secondary bathroom is getting new tile flooring, paint, vanity/sink, shelves, etc., courtesy of some generous grandparents.  But, of course, we hit a snaffu once the linoleum was out which brought it to a screeching halt for two weeks.  We're hoping to get back to work on it soon.

The boys room.  New beds, linens, and desks, all which they love, thanks to another set of generous grandparents.  Once we paint we'll get some cool stuff hung up in there.

The girls room.
Their window faces west and gets super warm.  But a pieces of foam insulation covered up with those heavy curtains will take care of that for now.

The master bedroom.
Well put curtains up once it's painted, and I have plans for a matching duvet so I can cover up that island of brown.

And the view from the master bedroom occasionally offers this . . .

I love it here!


  1. Wait... did you just move in? Because it looks amazingly organized and tidy! Well done :D Yah, interesting spice rack (?) above the stove... just where you don't want spices, but you guys are awesome and making things work! Love the target on the girls' closet door ;D Julie

  2. I arrived a month ago. Piotr and one of the children had arrived 6 weeks prior. So they did the flooring, and a lot of unpacking. All that was left was my personal stuff, children's rooms, and fine tuning. Now THAT'S how to move! :)

  3. I am so incredibly happy for you!!!!


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