Sunday, June 8, 2014

May, 2014 - The E-Ticket Photo Tour

I know I've joked about e-ticket rides before, but this has got to be one for the records.


When you live in the desert and get your eyes dilated, you get to come home and lounge with your sunglasses on. 

Right about here it was time to make some serious to-do lists.

There was so much going on (moving prep, graduation, recitals, concerts, rehearsals, you name it) that Lauren made us a master plan for the month.  It was a complete mess by the time the month was over but sure saved our sanity!  

The girls had their last recital with their strings teacher.
They've been with Mrs. Gordon for 10 years!
What an amazing blessing.

Gabrielle led the orchestra for the last time
as Concert Mistress of NVSO Youth.

Then, Lauren participated in a graduation ceremony.
She graduated 2 years ago, but because of some, well, let's say, "politics",
it was safer to not make it official until she was closer to 18.
 (Sebastian, Albert, Gabrielle, Lauren, Frankie, Andreja)
(Jakub, Brendan)

Sometime in here Jakub woke up after an exceptionally fine night of sleep.
(With the hair to show for it.)  And no, there's no stopping the dimples.

Once the movers came and went we were left with minimal furniture.
Things get pretty casual when you work from home and have a conference call under those circumstances. 

Next up?  E-Ticket Photo Tour, Round 2.


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