Monday, June 9, 2014

E-Ticket Ride, The TN Side

Many of the photos I'm receiving are via camera phone and turn to a blurry mess upon posting, so I'm a bit limited as to what I can really post.

First, and thankfully, the pasture has really bounced back.  It was completely over-grazed when we got the place 3 years ago.  Here you cans see the fence line and how much the pasture (behind it) has thickened up.

The movers came to do some reconnaissance and decided that they'd shuttle in our stuff in smaller U-hauls.  However, the day they were to come this is what the drive looked like.  Our Corolla could get in and out because it's so tiny it only needs half the drive anyway.  Trucks, on the other hand, need a full-width driveway.

Piotr, his parents, Jakub, and another young man from our church (THANK YOU, PAUL!) ripped out all the blue carpet and installed laminate flooring.  So much prettier!

Then,the icing on the cake for Piotr AND Jakub . . .
The acquisition of Red!
Think the smile can get any bigger?


  1. Oh, hurray! You're posting again...and photos, too! Hope the boys' enthusiasm for lawn-mowing lasts a long, long time ;D


  2. Ahhh, Tennessee. You've waited for so long. Praising God with you. So exciting!


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