Monday, April 7, 2014

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... sun.  We're above 90 for the rest of the week, so the windows are closed, blinds twisted to block heat and the curtains are drawn.  When so many are opening up and airing out, we're closing up and pulling in.

I am thinking... about how nicely the sale of this house has fallen into place.  2 weeks on the market, nice family, an older parent who will be blessed by the extra downstairs bedroom and zero-entry shower.  The inspection came back very clean with only one thing for us to do - that we were working on anyway.  What a blessing!  Now, if we can firm up our TN property by next Monday that will be quite the bonus.

I am thankful... for our decision to close up May.  Our calender is overflowing with this, that, and the other.  Knowing that May is no longer available for incoming obligations, gatherings, and commitments is quite the sanity saver.  (And April and June aren't far behind!)

In the kitchen... Lauren's buttery rolls going into the oven.  Sinfully delish.

I am creating... an embroidered name sign for a little boy.

I am going... to move to Buckeye in May!  Our temporary housing awaits and we are so thankful to such an amazingly generous friend.

I am wondering... what the Lord's got in mind.  An angel in upper management at FedEx is trying to get us a moving package.  I'm just praying we get the final yeah/neigh sooner rather than later.

I am reading... Emma.  I'm enjoying some fluff prior to a serious dig into Shakespeare in the next few weeks.

I am praying... for a young father and his three little boys.  His wife died last week after cancer coming and going for a few years.  To read the emails, see the photos - the deterioration of everything except her infectiously joyful smile . . . there are just so many lessons there . . . and much long-term prayer needed for her remaining family.

I am looking forward to... HEAVEN!

I am learning... about parenting.  The sessions from the Sound of a Trumpet conference are now available.  If you're interested, I highly recommend Mission Possible, and the Women's Session at the link here.

Around the house... offspring head back to studies after some post-lunch putzing.

I am pondering... what to do about the barometric-pressure migraine setting in.

A favourite quote for today...

"A good leader knows when to intelligently disregard regulations."

One of my favorite things... Devotions for Lent.

A few plans for the rest of the week... a 2-bird/1-stone field trip to the DMV for a license (Lauren) and a permit (Gabrielle), World Tour Wednesday, some nice company for dinner Friday, lunch after church on Sunday.

A peek into my day... no peeks. Peeks will come later this week!  :)

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  1. Oh gosh, 90+ and it's only April. We enjoyed a mid-60's day yesterday - felt like heaven - but back to rain today. Hurray for the sale of the house! God is in this move in a big way :D And congrats to Lauren and best wishes to Gabrielle on the driving. Just think of the possibilities!

    I love your idea of "closing" May. What a great idea. Can't wait to see what unfolds for you,



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