Friday, April 4, 2014

Oily Information Overload?

I've seen a few posts, comments, and conversations lately, all in regards to having lost a piece of essential oil information. So, I thought I'd share a tour of how I keep all my information together.

First - The oils in current use are in the cases, and any back-ups I have are in the Ziploc bag.  When I run out of a case oil, I get the replacement out of the bag.  

You only have to run out of something you desperately need once to learn there must be a back-up and replacement system firmly in place.  (For instance, a full household with extended family visiting, 1/3 with coughing crud, 1/3 with chicken pox, and 1/3 praying to not develop either is NOT the time to run out of ingredients for Thieves!)

This is my medical assistant.  He's a full-sized Day Runner that I found at Goodwill for a few dollars.  His full zip-closure and handles make him super easy to use.

Inside the cover I keep a pad of post-its, a pen, and a card reminding me when to use my Essential Rewards points.

Then you get to the large tabbed sections.  Behind the first tab is the sheet where I keep a post-it listing what I need to order.  As I run low on oils, or want to splurge if able, I jot them down here.  When it's time to order, I simply retrieve my shopping list, stick it on the computer screen frame, and I'm ready to order.

The next section is the real work-horse of the planner.  Here you find a-z tabs indexing all sorts of information.  At the front of each section there is a sheet cross referencing different places to find things.  For instance, behind the 'P' tab you'll find the following sheet.

This way, if I'm looking for more information about Peppermint, this tells me to also look in the Bug Out Bag article (in the 'B' section), and in the 101 Uses article (in the 'O' section).

Behind each a-z tab index is where all sorts of information about various topics are filed away.   For example . . .

graphic printouts . . .
(By the way, M-Grain is AMAZING.  Nothing short of prescription pain killers combined with something to knock me out has ever helped with sinus-induced migraines until this.)

 articles . . .

recipes . . .

That way, all the information I've collected is in one place, it's highly portable, and I can get to it under any circumstance.  Yes, I have a Pinterest board for oils, a few websites bookmarked, and some articles on my hard drive, but that's not going to be of much help if we're travelling or if the power is out, ya know?

This EO planner lives here in the bathroom closet on the floor level next to the Essential Oils Desk Reference.  The oils themselves life just two shelves up.  That way, everything is in once place ready to be put to work.  In the event of road trip or evacuation, the EODR, the planner, and the cases of oils come with us.

How do you keep all your information in one place?

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