Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Yesterday was quite the eventful day.  Rather than wait for hours at a rather unappealing DMV here in the valley, we drove to Prescott.  It was a longer drive, but the total time required was projected to be about the same.  However, while, via telephone, Lauren was told that no appointments were needed, we learned differently upon arrival and took the next available time slot.

Gabrielle was first up and got her permit,
passing her test with flying colors.

Then we needed to kill some time, so we headed to Gurley Street Grill
for lunch.  The boys ordered the same thing, (enormous BBQ Burgers)
and finished them off at the same time.  (Twins much?)

We then headed back to the DMV for Lauren's 3:00 road test.
Also passed with flying colors.

Later the girls had a rehearsal so they made their maiden,
no-parent-along, voyage.
We made a bit of a to-do about it.

Piotr was going to follow them but decided to watch them
out the window instead.

There they go!

What a long, but fun and productive day!


  1. Oh, how exciting! That's a HUGE milestone - for the new driver(s) and for YOU :D


  2. So, I'm off bloggy land for a blink and look what happened! Your kiddos grew up. Wow. Lots of excitement in your household. How are you?


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