Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... clear and sunny, looking at a high of 59.  SO glad winter came back!  (It's all relative, and here in the desert, THAT counts as 'winter'!)

I am thinking... about how the rest of the week is going to pan out.  I have a sicko that is going to have us reworking a few things.  Not problematic, just requires some adjusting.

I am thankful... for modern dentistry.  Mr Perfect had a root canal yesterday and you'd never know it.

In the kitchen... lots of fresh ginger tea, sliced lemons, and honey.

I am creating... some special pillows for a special lady.

I am going... to keep expectations low this week.  Meals, laundry, offspring studying, and Lauren recovering.  Anything else is bonus.

I am wondering... about this growth spurt at church and how it's going to play out.  Fun!

I am reading... Respectable Sins.
I am hoping... that Writing Strands helps us through a hurdle.  I don't understand why writing is so hard.  I mean - organize your thoughts, write how you would speak, read it when you're done.  I thought it was just the boys, but then I received some emails about some ensemble gigs and WOW, even seasoned adults can't organize a thought on paper.  What makes it so complicated?

I am looking forward to... Lauren feeling better.

I am learning...endurance, persistence, long-suffering.

Around the house... Jakub reading, Sebastian typing, Gabrielle writing, Lauren napping, Lily helping Lauren take a nap.  Very exciting stuff!

I am praying... for my pastor's wife, and all extra prayers are welcome.  She's having a double mastectomy on Monday.

A favorite quote for today...

Please don't write attention seeking, open ended
cryptic posts on facebook
as I have no intention of pandering
to your weak emotional needs by replying.

One of my favorite things... Young Living Essential Oils

A few plans for the rest of the week... World Tour Wednesday, rehearsal shuttling Saturday, church on Sunday.

A peek into my day...

The upper kitchen counter pharmacy.  Diffusing oils for crud killing (so the rest of us are less likely to get it) and congestion, raindrop in a bottle, a row of oils for expectorant capsules, and a row of oils for crud killing.  Sure smells good around here!


  1. Accidentally hit 'delete' instead of 'publish'. Whoops!

    Good gracious, you crack me up! Since you seem to be referring to Lauren I presume you meant "sickie" rather than "sicko", as the latter has rather different connotations in my neck of the woods! Hope she's on the mend :D

    You're too right about the writing... it's amazing the things people produce, and I don't just mean kids. (shaking my head)

    And 100% agreement on the cryptic, open-ended posts - applies to blogs as well. If it's too private to discuss in public, then DON'T. But hinting about it in wispy, look-at-me ways is just an invitation to scorn. Ugh.

    Praying for your pastor's wife,


  2. Had to laugh - no, sicko and sickie are probably the same here. Sick, ill with crud, not a pervert on a heroin high! :)

    Thank you, every prayer is appreciated. Her surgery is Monday afternoon.


Please . . . Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers. Eph 4:29