Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Got Plans?

Hello.  My name is Jacqueline . . . and I'm a planner addict.

It started over 25 years ago when I was the secretary for a department that included a hand full of managers, several dozen engineers, and a small army of clean-room operators.  With that many people, you either plan and track, or you drown.  One day when I was ordering office supplies for the department I noticed a black, leather Day-Runner gracing a page of the fat catalog.  (Remember those?)  What an epiphany!  He arrived a few days later and planner love was born.  I still have him - what a dear, old friend.

Now fast-forward a few decades.

There are several planners about the house now, all working hard at their assigned tasks, but Pandora is my go-to, daily ins-and-outs gal.

Recently I've found a whole world of planner junkies all living in on-line community.  Customized dividers, washi tape out the wazzoo, more colored pens and stickers than you could view in a lifetime.  One group is rather artsy.  They've all taken moleskin planners, tipped-in pages, and use the tip-ins as their art page.  Every week there's a theme challenge and they decorate the art page accordingly.

These people are hard-core artists, supplies and studios, and skills galore, and I'm over here, coloring inside the lines with my Zig markers, nose pressed up against the glass, just drooling.

It's not the season for that right now.  I don't have the budget, the time, and certainly not the skill.  But we all have to start somewhere.

SO - Instead of a moleskin planner, I use my Punctuate! from Barnes and Noble.  The weekly prompts are used to decorate my weekly spread.

1.  Door

 Magazine clippings, simple.

2.  Selfie

 Since I don't do selfies, I collaged things that were, 'me'.
The half-sheet I'm holding out of the way
is where I listed the information for the week.

3.  Envelope.

I thought the clipping,
"of precision, balance and elegance, offering innate power and intensity"
fit beautifully with the envelope
in which my renewed CCW permit arrived.

4.  Write a secret message, and then cover all but one word.

I copied a verse from Timothy,
and then blurred everything but, "adorned".

5.  Doodle border.

My most, 'blah' page to-date.

6.  Pinterest inspired.

I found a page of black-line paisley, printed it out,
took Prisma pencils to it, cut it up,
and adhered the pieces about.

7.  Pick a shape, add color, repeat.

I've always wanted to know how to watercolor, so started dabbling.

 8.  Add a flap.

I decided to theme the flap off of a few thoughts
that Sunday's sermon raised.
"What would happen if"

The inside of the flap.
I used a sheet music stamp for the pages to tied it together a bit, but it failed miserably.  However - it does give less cluttered room to write.

 The tags.
"We really prayed over each others burdens?"
"We gave Jesus control over our affections?"
 "We replaced our sin with prayer?"

So it has begun.  Maybe I'll be ready for a full-blown art-planner in a few years, but for now I'm pleased just to have started.

And now I have gesso and matte-medium keeping my Zig markers company.

Baby steps!


  1. Wow! I've never seen anything like that! Very pretty and fun - thanks for SHOWING :D


  2. Hey Q - sending greetings from MT - I once read on your blog something about folks who organize and it made me laugh - really laugh - it was so cute - something to the effect of " just do the next thing that needs to be done, duh" - miss you all - Susanne


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