Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Brag Session, Round 2

Back in July I posted a brag-session on Gabrielle.

Well, now it's Lauren's turn, so be warned.

After the dust settled from Gabrielle's violin win, Lauren got to work pulling together funding to have a viola made for her by the same gentleman that made and donated Gabrielle's violin.

Funding didn't come through the way we had thought.  Actually, it wasn't even enough to get started, so we banked the funds and put the project on a longer-term "save" mode.  Disappointing, but it is what it is.

About mid-August the girls were due to have a tour of Mr. Summerford's shop and get an up-close lesson on the process of violin/viola making.  At this time we learned that Mr. Summerford had already started Lauren's viola.  Piotr asked him to please take it slow, as funding had not come through as we had hoped and it was going to have to be a longer term project.

This is when we learned that we were only being charged for part of the project, because the other (much more costly) part had, unbeknownst to us, already been taken care of, and by a source completely out of left field.

Suddenly, the funds available were more than enough.

I know!  Right?

Just pause for a moment to let that sink in . . .

Later that evening I pointed out to Lauren that this new gift meant there was money left over, and since it was given to her for the viola that I thought we should put it in the music account (for lessons, special music trips, books, equipment, etc.) at least keeping it in use for her music-related expenses.

Her response?

"Can I donate it to the orchestra?"

She was gifted a viola by donors known and unknown, allowing her to advance her craft.

There's a little left.

And now she's going to pass it on, some known, some unknown, to make easier  for others to hone their craft as well.

As a parent, some of the 'pay' is watching the Lord work things out for your children.

Donors known and unknown?
Generous and amazing blessings, each one.

Having an instrument that better matches her abilities?
A once-in-a-lifetime gift for her.

Watching Lauren's immediate heart decision about what to do with the remaining funds?
Thank you, Lord for your gift of Lauren . . . to me.


  1. It's a joy when you see generosity coming from your children.


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