Sunday, July 21, 2013

Photographically Disconnected

I can't begin to tell you all that's been going on lately, and in the midst of it all I keep thinking, "I've got to get this blogged!"

Well, I finally have the time, and have finally gained access to the necessary photos.  So - get ready.  The next few posts are photo intensive.

Ready for a completely disconnected photo post?

First, we did some computer acquisition and shifting.  Piotr gets a new laptop from work every few years, at which time we all get a little upgrade as we pass laptops on down.  Hand-me-down computers if you will.  This required wiping things out, loading a few with VooDoo (Ubuntu?), backing up drives and the like.

How many laptops can he track at once?

Doesn't everyone keep hollow-points in the
apothecary jars on the bathroom counter?

Lilly is still busy tutoring Gabrielle daily.
She tries to get in a little Yoga simultaneously, she's a multi-tasker like that.

We were blessed by a church elder from our denomination coming to preach for us just prior to the arrival of our new pastor.  Then the other day Gabrielle says, "Can I Sharpie in, "Jr" on this?  Yeah, you'll only get it if you're a Reformed Essential Oil user.  Sorry!

 I told you it was disconnected!


  1. Sproul?

    Love the ammo in the bathroom ;D


  2. OH! PENNY TO THE PRETTY LADY! :) Sproul, indeed.


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