Sunday, July 21, 2013


A few months ago we put our Glendale house on the market.  Once it was vacant and cleaned it really whipped nicely into shape.  But the cabinets were horrible - like original mid-80's horrible.  Since there are a ton of cabinets throughout the house, there was just no getting away from said horribleness.  (Kitchen (lots), front bath, master bath vanity, master bath extra, back hall, lots!)

For instance . . . here's the extra counter/cabinets in the master bath.
Not so lovely.

Thanks be to Pinterest, I discovered Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations and I can not explain how wonderfully it worked.  You get a kit (a $75 kit will cover at least 100 sq ft of cabinets), pick your color, have the paint counter guy mix it up, then go home and get to work.  We did the whole house in about 4 partial days.

In the works.

NOW it's lovely!

I had to laugh, the instructional dvd suggested to put nails through 2x4s to use as bumpers to prop doors on as you were painting the fronts and backs.


I've yet to see this use for wine corks on Pinterest!

Seriously though, this product worked extremely well.  And if you live in the desert, it doesn't take 3 hours in between coats to dry.  More like about 10 minutes.  Best investment ever!

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