Monday, June 10, 2013

Zoom Zoom!

I know, I know, I haven't really posted in a long time.

We returned from Presbytery with a ton of laundry and a sick son.

Just as that was falling into line, a young family friend got very sick (like, in the ER sick) and joined us to recover.

Then it was tying up a zillion loose ends/plan the next quarter just in time for the girls to start Quartet Camp (today).

Our norm is to deep clean 1/4 of the house in between each academic quarter.  However, I don't think this hasn't been done since we moved back a year ago.  I hadn't realized how bad things were until I was dropping lavender in the window tracks (scorpion control) and saw the dust.  Since we start our next quarter in a week, that means any deep cleaning we want to do must get done this week.  Well, "this week" leaves us today and tomorrow, because . . .

The family in our Glendale house moves out on Wednesday (and can I tell you how much we really need a buyer for that place?), which means the boys and I have Wednesday and Thursday to clean it top to bottom so I then have . . .

Friday to prep all the food necessary for Saturday (orchestra board meeting here requiring breakfast and lunch) and Sunday (Mr Perfect wants to invite a few people over after church - I think that's going to be reworked or appealed).

All on top of working through another heart-wrenching blow (I LOVE the smell of napalm in the morning!), trying to figure out how to come up with multiple house payments until (at least) one property sells, and helping my oldest deal with her dad (my ex) who's like dealing with Loki, just without the gold-horned crown and cape.

So.  I'm not dead.  Just in serious "Speed Racer" mode, and I'll be back eventually.

Did you hear that over the loud speaker?

"And she's OFF!"



  1. Oh, my friend, sending you the smell of lilac and the songs of robins in the morning.

    And the energy of a Tasmanian devil on amphetamines ;D


  2. Oh, I can relate! My reasons for going at breakneck speed through life are different from yours but I feel as I have not been able to breathe since early March - ack. Praying anew for your daughter after reading this. (((hugs)))


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