Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... clear blues heading to 100.  I'm going to enjoy it, as we're looking at 111 by Friday.

I am thinking... what does it take for a boy to really get it through his head that diligently cranking is a better way to go than forever dawdling?

I am thankful... for relative calm, and the routine of being back to studies.

In the kitchen... not sure yet.  Finishing leftovers galore and a menu plan/grocery list is the most likely for today.  Probably a Pioneer Woman Potato Leek pizza tonight.

I am creating... a more purposeful discipleship plan for the offspring.  Funny, I'm being discipled along with them.  Win-win!

I am going... to find time for the zillion things I want to be doing.

I am wondering... about the Lord's plan for the Glendale house.  A contract any day would be great!

I am reading... Shepherding a Child's Heart.  Again.

I am hoping... to get to some sewing soon.  I have a few ideas for Christmas gifts, and there are always scraps to sew into quilt tops.  I've got to whittle my scrap stash down to size prior to moving.

I am looking forward to... July, 2014.

I am learning... people management.  I keep getting thrown for loops which means others are managing me.  Rookie mistake.

Around the house... I'm not sure.  It's an odd morning so I haven't been out there much yet - other than to find the air purifier (electric) covered in water, and two boys being more concerned about the catalog that was soaked than the electrical appliance.  They've had their science and cause/effect lesson for the day.

I am pondering... if I had to evacuate (knowing that the house may very well not be here when I return) and had 10 minutes, what would I take?

A favorite quote for today... "Please kindly go away, I'm introverting."

One of my favorite things... my husband being home.

A few plans for the rest of the week... World Tour Wednesday, orthodontist on Thursday.  Home other than that.  A little more company than usual Sunday afternoon.

A peek into my life...
or ASL . . or Polish . . .

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  1. Hello, my friend,

    We're supposed to get hot weather too - maybe in the 90s (with humidity). My mom dropped by yesterday with a kiddie pool for Naomi and I may end up sitting in it with her!

    LOVE the graphic at the end :D


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