Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ropes Course Photo Tour!

The Ropes Course at Lake Williamson is one of the best in the country, and the gentlemen all gave it a go.  Here are the best of the 200+ photos I shot.  :)

 Piotr, Jakub, Sebastian harnessed up.

 Learning how to transfer their safety lines on the ground . . .

. . . so that they could transfer safety lines for real in between course sections.

Jakub on section 2, small platforms.
(The course is in a barn with these awful sky lights.  I'm sure it's great for the electric bill,
but it sure stinks for taking pictures of the course participants!)

 Boys across section two, small platforms.

Piotr on section two, small platforms.

Jakub, Zack, Sebastian
There was a lot of waiting in between sections, but it was a good chance to
let the adrenaline settle and talk about how cool this was!

 Jakub on the post section.

Sebastian on the post section.

Jakub's thinking, "I'm supposed to use THESE wobbly thing to get across???!!!"
(The couple in the background were behind the boys the whole time, and I so appreciate their attention, help, and encouragement to my sons!)

Piotr working the ropes section.

I included this photo so you could really see what was going on and how high up this is.
The lady in the lower right corner is working her way through the first level,
which is roughly 10-12 feet off the ground.
The other three people you see are on the second level,
which is another 10 feet or so above that.

The things I so appreciated about this experience . . .

1.  The boys were in a separate wave from Piotr, SO they HAD to ask people (that they didn't know previously) for help.  (Everyone on the course was from our denomination, so were super sweet and very helpful, but with people from churches all over the country you don't always know everyone.)

2.  They'd check in with me after each section for smiles and thumbs up.  It gave me an opportunity to remind them to breathe and be calm (via ASL) and they actually listened.

3.  The boys have a lot of baggage with fear, thanks to their first set of parents.  This ropes course had them doing scary things, having to think about how to attack a problem, having to manage fear in a productive way, etc.  What a triumph for them!

4. Some dear friends from our church (adoptive grandparents to our children) came and stayed the entire 3 hours to watch and encourage the boys through the course.  Priceless!

5.  This particular young lady was really battling serious fears, paralyzing in some instances.  Those of us blessed enough to be there got to watch one of her big brothers help her across the first level.  He was so patient, so loving with her - I still get choked up thinking about it.

It took 45 years, but I've finally seen what siblings should be.



  1. This is so awesome it's bringing tears to my eyes! I used to work with a group (Reachout Expeditions, at the time) and occasionally instructed on the ropes course - LOVED IT. Why didn't you and the girls have a go?

    LOVE that the boys did so well, and worked with others - having to initiate asking for help. And how beautiful to see the brother and sister - so cool :D


  2. The girls and I - first was a financial, we weren't interested enough to make the investment, and second - I don't own a pair of jeans! :)


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