Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Wrote it Monday, totally forgot to post it.  Duh!


Outside my window... I couldn't tell you.  We're toying with the first 100 degree day today, so blinds are shut, curtains drawn, and outside shade screens are down.  Let the 6 months of living like a family of moles begin.

I am thinking... the usual Monday decision - what to do with the afternoon/evening off!  :)  (And yes, my toes need to be done.  Knew you were chomping at the bit for that little diddy of information.)

I am thankful... for the gentlemen returning safe from a camping trip, and for 2 solid days of 'chill' time with my girls.

In the kitchen...8+ quarts of chopped tomatoes sealing on the counter!  Tomorrow - tomato sauce.

I am creating... a clean master bedroom once I've finished this post, followed by creating a menu plan/grocery list.  (No, not very 'fun' creating!)

I am going... to enjoy this last quiet week.  After this all musical madness breaks loose for 2 weeks.  It's fun, but it is a lot crammed into two busy weekends.

I am wondering... what the Lord has in store for our little church.

I am reading... still grazing through Pride and Prejudice.

I am hoping... for our Glendale house to sell.  We really need that off our plate . . .

I am looking forward to... Presbytery!  2013 General Assembly and Family Camp, and yes everyone is invited whether or not you're in the C.P.C.!

I am learning... endurance.

Around the house...offspring studying, someone in the kitchen, Lily snoozing.

A favorite quote for today...

"The problem with the world is that
intelligent people are full of doubt,
while the stupid people are full of confidence."
Charles Bukowski

One of my favorite things... My. perfect. husband.  Sorry.  I'd try to be original, but seriously.  He's my favorite thing.  Ever.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Orthodontist with Jakub tomorrow, World Tour Wednesday, Fellowship Sunday after a full service with a live Elder in the pulpit - very exciting!  (Mental note - don't forget to make Challah for communion.)

A peek into my day... I've got zip.  Will try to have some camping photos to share soon!

Care to Daybook?


  1. So, your Glendale house... the one you're living in ?

    Cracking up at the "season of living like moles", though that would be HARD. The minute the sun comes out up here people flock outside in the most ridiculous (lack of) clothes. Crazy. (The lack of clothes, not the flocking outside!) It can be upper 50's, maybe low 60's and people (girls especially) will dress like they've just come off a beach in southern California. Yesterday's temp got up to 64 at the highest. I had to stop by Kohl's to pick something up and saw a teenage girl - no kidding - in flip flops, short shorts, and a bikini top.

    But I'm rambling... it would be HARD for me to stay inside on a sunny day, but then I'd MELT in your temps!

    Glad the camping trip and the girls' weekend went well :D


  2. Sorry, no. We live in Anthem. We own a house in Glendale and have been renting it out for several years. The current renters are moving out of state and we have that house on the market. The Anthem house that we're in now will go up on the market next year.

    Yes, once we start hitting 80 the blinds on the south side of the house get closed by noon. Now that we're in the 90's we only open them first thing for a few hours and the house is closed up by 11. At 100 degrees we close up by 10. And yes, by 110+ we close up by 9am.

    We have the opposite problem. After 6 months of summer, the first time the thermometer lands in the 70's you'll see girls in their jeans, sweaters, scarves and boots.

    Extreme seasons call for extreme celebration when they break, but gads, that's ridiculous! :)


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