Sunday, May 19, 2013

Saturday, May 18 in Pictures

8:20 Depart Home

8:40 Arrive Fry's to Deliver Boys to Piotr

9:42 Both Girls Audition for WVYO Summer Camp

Feeling pretty good about camp auditions!

10:20 Lauren Teaches a Lesson

Gabrielle spends this down-time rehearsing in the back of the van.
Sienna acoustics?  Not so great, but it got the job done.

11:15 Warsaw Village

 We had to stock up on Polish Deli for lunches on our upcoming trip.
Gabrielle grabbed a Polish candy bar.

 Surprise surprise, Lauren did too.
Sure brought back a lot of great memories!

 11:40 Culver's

Splitting a double value basket is the way to go.
(But I have to admit, I wasn't that into the cheese curds that day!)

 12:45 Arrive Shadow Mountain High School for Violin Competition Auditions

We arrived ahead of schedule so vegged a little.

1:20 Lauren's Audition
Went well, she was pleased before, during, and after.

Three of the Fab Four even squeezed in a little last-minute Dvorak practice.
Lauren, Frank, Albert, Gabrielle

2:10 Gabrielle's Competition Audition
Also went well, before, during, and after.

She said her conductor's  (he was one of the judges)  eyes got bigger and bigger,
and his jaw dropped lower and lower the further into her audition she got.
That's a good sign!

2:38 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

There's a KKD that just opened between the last audition location and home.
A dozen assorted?  Yes Please!

3:15 Arrive Back Home

Time to enjoy quick showers, and a little R & R before . . .

5:10 Depart to Concert Venue

Girls are Ready!
And yes, Lauren wears her purple plaid Converse and changes to black heels prior to taking the stage.
And yes, again, Gabrielle is taller than Lauren whether or not she's sporting heels.
(Don't bring that up around Lauren, though!)

Remember the Pancarowicz piece from the dress rehearsal Friday night?

Ready for the Real Deal

The Youth Orchestra did a great job, cleared the way for NVSO (the girls are in that one too) to play a little Romance and Czardas prior to intermission.

After intermission, NVSO hit the stage again but remained in stand-by mode as Mr Kozacek announced the winner of the violin competition that had concluded only hours ago, of which the winner would receive a hand made violin, and a case and bow to complete the outfit.  It required a letter of recommendation, some essay answers, and an audition.

Here's what I heard: " . . . discussion . . . unanimous . . . GAB . . . "  Followed by applause, screams, whistles, tears, and praises to God from every direction.  Even Lauren was crying, she was so happy for her sister!

Conveniently enough Gabrielle sits right in front of the conductor so she didn't have far to go to collect her prize.  Jody Summerford, the generous luthier, was there to present.  With any luck I'll get photos from the photographer and will get them edited into the post upon arrival.

Once the concert was over it took us quite a while to depart.  Once we were able to it was . . .

9:45 Arrive Claim Jumper for NVSO Post-Concert Drinks

10:50 a Slight Bit of Naughtiness Involving T.P.

My Position for the Day

11:28 Arrive Home

 The girls hit the family room for a little decompression time.

Gabrielle Decompressed and on to Sleep Mode.
Lauren Not Far Behind!

153 miles
15 hours
2 auditions
1 lesson
1 concert
2 Orchestras
1 competition winner

What a Day!


  1. You have an amazing, beautiful, talented family. I know they fill your heart with joy.


  2. Well done, all of you, and big congratulations to Gabrielle!



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