Thursday, May 30, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

road trip
(a three-day drive to destination is one day too long)

sciatic nerve
(found it, don't recommend it)


messed up sleeping
(after 8 nights in hotels and dorms)

sleeping pills
(used little enough that I don't mind)

groggy mornings after
(which I do mind)

a sick boy
(recovering quickly)

sinus headaches
(welcome to AZ)
guest dog visiting
(got him to eat, yeah!)

orthodontist today

 then home

until it's time to go out to dinner
(it's our 15-year anniversary!)

Gads, we're all praying that's the last time we have to do the I-40 west bound from central OK to Flagstaff. 
What a dreary stretch.  Had to roll our eyes, all the sinus and allergy crud kicked in the nano-second we crossed the state boarder too - fun fun fun - and has yet to let up.

Regardless, it was a nice trip, and the Lord was so good to us.  There were storms and tornadoes in every direction and each time problems struck the day before we arrived or the day after we left.  Thank God!

Photos and fun AFTER I recover!


  1. Oh come, now... parts of NM aren't that bad. The hardest for me is the stretch from Holbrook to Flag. Shoot me.

  2. Glad you're safely home! Hope your sciatic nerve and your allergies give you a break!



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