Thursday, May 9, 2013

City-Styled Chicken Butchering!

What happens when you take an older country boy, transplant him into the city, introduce him to two young city boys who are headed to the country - and then throw several free chickens into the mix?

City-Styled Chicken Butchering!

Let the squeamishness begin!

When you live in an apartment that means you have to be a little more creative with your set up.  There's a chain link fence surrounding the covered parking at Zack's place, so that's where they strung up the birds.

Showing Jakub the slice spot.

Sebastian's next up with an audience.
As they were slicing this guy walks by and inquires.
Turns out he grew up doing this himself so hung around for a little nostalgia.

Back in Zack's kitchen it was time to boil and pluck.

Once they're clean on the outside, it's time to to a little slicing and dicing.

 Now for the gutting . . .  you can almost see Jakub's expression.
I'm pretty sure he's thinking, "Eewww!"

After this is was a thorough washing/bagging of birds followed by (I'm hoping) a serious clean of the kitchen.

Next up?  Chicken pot pie for dinner this coming Monday!

One more thank-you to Zack.  The boys had a great time and it was so nice that he shared his knowledge with them and was patient enough to walk them through every bird!


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  1. That is GREAT. So good to understand where food actually comes from! (And the importance of hot, soapy water ;D )



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