Monday, April 15, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...clear, mid-high 70's, breezy this week.

I am thinking... how pleased I am with what I've got done so far today.  Nothing huge, or astonishing, but finding pleasure in routine accomplishments.

I am thankful...for a safe and uneventful week while Piotr was away on business all last week.  No breakdowns, meltdowns, or crackdowns.  Fabulous!

In the kitchen... eating up a lot of leftovers in preparation for shopping on Wednesday.  Cabbage rolls, roast chicken, Asian Noodle Salad . . .

I am creating... new 'cleaning the kitchen' lists.  The boys just don't get the 'if it needs to be done' thing.  I mean, if the floor isn't crumbly, then don't bother sweeping.  But yes, if there is slime all over the front of the fridge, you really do need to wipe that down.

I am enjoy my night off tonight.  I'm working  a little more on my body book while watching A Room With A View.  Hope it's good!

I am wondering... if this is the year of, Let's mess with Jacqueline!  Seriously, it's become the theme for my 2013.  I'm pretty sure a memo went out to the masses and many are participating. Years ago a woman told me that I was the best friend that one could have and yet never really know, and I think I'm finally starting to understand to what extent.  (Geez, never thought I was that complicated!)  People are just flinging the most ridiculous stuff at me from out of nowhere and I'm left wondering what in the world they were thinking, and from where in the world they are getting these ideas.  If it keeps up any longer I may have to add a line to my daybook for weekly logging.  "This week I was fooled by . . ."  On the other side of it, though, it does have me thinking more and making sure that I'm not doing the same thing to others.

I am reading...Pride and Prejudice.  I needed something fluffy for a change!

I am praying...for my husband's lower back to heal, for our Glendale house to sell, and for things to work out so Piotr can stay with FedEx when we move to TN.

I am learning...about earthbag construction, and am very excited about the potential for a Hobbit hole root/storm cellar for Diamond L.  (Just to get us started.)

Around the house...Lauren is napping (didn't sleep well last night and will be gone 3:30-9:30+ for orchestras tonight), Gabrielle and the boys are studying.  It's pretty quiet on this western front.

A favorite quote for today...

"The wise does at once what the fool does at last."
 Baltasar Gracian

One of my favorite things... living in a quiet household.  Don't get me wrong, we laugh, we howl, we joke, we sing, etc.  But when it's time to study things are quiet.  And it's really nice.  :)

A few plans for the rest of the week...apart from an extended World Tour Wednesday (visiting my Grandmother and then delivering Lauren to her dad's on top of the usual W.T.W.), NOTHING, and I'm THRILLED about it!

A peek into my day...

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Happy National Buy A Gun Day!

Care to Daybook?


  1. Love the "no breakdown, meltdown, crackdown" comment - AMEN!

    And a double amen for the household being quiet when quiet is what's needed :D


  2. Ok. So, the "I am wondering" ... Sista, you are NOT alone. As the country song goes, "God is great, Beer is good, PEOPLE ARE FLIPPIN' CRAZY". Ok, I paraphrased, but geeze.

    Love your Daybooks!


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