Monday, April 1, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window... clear blues looking to 78.

I am thinking... about getting dressed, eventually.  Don't want to go rushing into anything or start my week off by making a bunch of rash decisions.

I am thankful... for my husband.  He's perfect.  Seriously.

In the kitchen...not a lot, as it was just cleaned after breakfast, but I can predict coffee soon, along with a batch of sweetened condensed milk.  I also predict salad (spinach, pecans, Swiss, chopped egg, etc.) for dinner tonight.

I am creating... better intake habits, logging what I eat, getting enough of the good stuff, etc.

I am going... clothes shopping with the girls on Tuesday - that should be fun!

I am wondering...what to do with my afternoon/evening off today.

I am reading... The Power of Prayer, and The Peacemaker.

I am praying... that Piotr gets good news soon about staying with FedEx when we move, and also that our Glendale house sells before we're forced to try to rent it out again.

I am learning... more and more about prayer.

Around the house... Gabrielle planning her week, Sebastian and Jakub about ready to study.  I'm going to assume that Lauren is upstairs puttering a bit.  I'll shift laundry in a few.  I know, try to contain yourself as the excitement can be overwhelming!

A favorite quote for today... "There isn't enough room for both worry and faith.  You must decide which one can stay."

One of my favorite things... when my wedding rings get a little loose!  :)

A few plans for the rest of the week... afternoon/evening off tonight, orthodontist with Jakub and shopping with the girls tomorrow, World Tour Wednesday, prospective pastor returning this weekend.

A peek into my day...

We have no idea how the kid landed on the NRA mailing list, but regardless, proud to know him!

Care to Daybook?


  1. I know you're hoping to sell your house - you're living in it though, right? So if it sells sooner... back to the condo?

    Love the NRA mailing ;D

    May it go well with the prospective pastor!


  2. PS We are clear, sunny and about ten degrees cooler!

  3. No, we're living in our Anthem house, about 25 min north of the house that's for sale. The sale house has a family renting, but they're heading out mid-June and we're ready to not mess with renting it again.

    10 degrees cooler - not bitter. We're looking to 88 in a few days. YUCK!

  4. Where do I begin? Ohhhh, I just love all your Daybook post. Praying one day we'll sit and have a glass of wine together.

    LOVE the picture. NRA, huh? Good job, mom! Raise 'em right. :)


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