Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...a little over-cast-ish.  Nice, but it will burn off without rain first.  :(

I am thinking...about Lauren's next quarterly+ schedule of visits with her dad.  Some vacations mean she'll be away for almost an entire month.  Not sure I can handle that!

I am thankful...for a patient, patient Lord.

In the kitchen... Treasures of the Inca green tea, and breakfast.  Something involving English muffins and egg.  Yum.

I am creating... better tuned children.  The boys room got moved downstairs yesterday.  Much easier to rein in shenanigans if the reins are shorter to begin with, ya know?  The girls put in a request to have their own rooms for a month.  While considering it I was reminded of a few issues that they needed to clean up as well.  So they'll remain upstairs, in their shared room.

I am going... World Tour Wednesday, what else?  :)

I am wondering... how schools get away with such low-quality everything.  Gabrielle was snapped up for a pit orchestra for Oliver.  No one one stage (teacher or student) knows what they're doing, no one in the pit (teacher or student) knows what they're doing.  And getting basic information like what time to be there?  It would be easier to raise the dead.  I know one should never say never, but . . .

I am praying... for sharper focused prayer.  I feel like I'm either mechanically moving through my list, or grasping at straws.  There's got to be something better.

I am looking forward to...enjoying my absolutely CLEAR schedule until mid-April.  Outside of the usual, there is NOWHERE to go and NOTHING I have to do until April 13.  BLISS!!!

I am learning
...that just because some Reformed big-wig recommends a book doesn't mean that it's going to be worth the read.  Gads, I brought three books home from the library and they are dreadful and totally unedifying.  I'll pass, thank you so much!

Around the house...Piotr planning details of his next business trip, boys moving through routines, Lauren making breakfast, Gabrielle has yet to make an appearance, though rumour has it she's conscious.  (In her defence, she did have a performance that ran late last night.)

One of my favorite things... getting a grip.  Surviving a tough season.  Finishing a marathon and seeing how the Lord carried me the whole way.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Gabrielle has the final Oliver performance tomorrow night.  Thursday and Friday I'll be sewing.  First, I'm finally going to pimp my ironing board.  Once that's done I have a new Lazy Girl pattern to try out.

Suzi Purse Insert & More

We've had to shorten our first break of the year to two weeks, so I'd better get my sewing fix in now.  Second Quarter starts Monday, yikes!

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