Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...dark.  Can you still, "Daybook" if it's night time?

I am thinking... "Napalm in the morning, napalm in the evening, napalm when the sun goes down!"

I am thankful...for lessons, even when they come like a gang-beating.  Their bruises are wisdom and sanctification.

In the kitchen...a grocery list and a clean fridge waiting for tomorrow's shopping.

I am creating...a few throw rugs.  Really ugly ones, out of scrap yarn in a variety of horrid colors.  Seriously!  The yarn was all discard and free, and I have carpet that needs some life extension.  I'm not replacing it when we sell the house next year.

I am going... on World Tour Wednesday tomorrow, then more prep as we enter into our third consecutive weekend of house guests.

Friends were first, then a visiting elder came to bless us with a full service.  As an added bonus, his lovely wife came as well and even shared a little about The Peacemaker during our ladies breakfast - what a treat!  While I'm not currently in conflict with anyone at the moment, there were a lot of things shared that apply to a lesson I'm learning about putting my trust in the Lord only.  Fabulous!  Yes, I got a little off topic here, but too bad.  Those few precious hours I got to spend with here were the booster shot I needed to finish this insane first quarter with a bang rather than a nervous breakdown.

This weekend our pastor arrives from CA to head up the vetting of a potential local pastor for us.  This includes another full service followed by another fellowship here.  Monday's recovery will consist of lying around like third base in front of some sort of movie marathon.

I am wondering...have you ever had all hell break loose in every circle of your life - all within such a short period of time that you're not recovered from the first blast before the next hits?  That's what the first quarter of my year has been and we're not even at the end of it yet.

What I'm wondering about, is whether there are any other possible circles of life that I've forgotten about in which to expect more napalm?  Health?  Check.  Extended family?  Check.  Immediate family?  Check.  Personal?  Check.  Church?  Check.  Stuff only aimed at me?  Check.  Stuff aimed at my husband?  Check.  Stuff that will seriously impact my children?  Check.  Stuff that's launched from the hands of others?  Check.  Stuff that's my own fault?  Check.  (Oh gads, and those 'own fault' deals are the worst - I'm so my worst enemy!)

What's left?

That's a rhetorical question.  If you know, please don't tell me.  I don't think I really want to know.

I am praying...with a focus for trusting in the Lord only.

I am looking forward to... this weekend.  It will be nice, it will be productive, and then we have almost an entire month of quiet, normal, nothing on the calendar time to settle . . . for the first time since last November.

I am learning trust in the Lord.  There's so much to learn!

Around the house...  Children asleep, dishwasher humming, Mr Perfect finishing some bill paying excitement.  I'm off to bed to finish my book prior to sleep.

One of my favorite things... peace.  Peace ...will ...come ...

A few plans for the rest of the week...WTW, meet the prospective pastor Friday, receive our pastor and his wife on Saturday, full service/fellowship Sunday, collapse Monday, up and running Tuesday.

Care to Daybook?


  1. Oh my dear, dear friend. I'm sorry it has been so rough lately! Praying that peace comes SOON, and you have a restful time.


    (PS And I'm still giggling over "unpredictable"!)

  2. I'm learning lessons, and there is a lot of peace in that!


    Oh - and the "unpredictable" was Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls. Yikes!


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