Monday, January 28, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...big, puffy white clouds, and 52.  How we got here from last week's 81 I couldn't tell you.  It's been lovely.  Tons of rain and clouds and cold.  Glorious!

I am thinking... about what our next 'new normal' will be, and for how long we'll have this one.

I am thankful...for Mr Perfect.  Not many men would manage well with their wife in bed 80% of the last 2 weeks.  He's such a gem.

In the kitchen...Gabrielle's frying potatoes and eggs for lunch.

In the 3 out of 4 generations under one roof department... we're back to only 2 generations.  Nana moved this past Friday, and it was bitter-sweet at best.  It's hard, as this was not a wise move on her part.  But it's what she thinks she wants and we're honoring it.

I am  I've been on a crochet-binge these last two weeks while I've been down.  So, in preparation for spring, I've been crocheting flowers.  Once I have some branches in a vase, I'll use them to hang decorations for various seasons/holidays/holydays.

I am going... to do my toes tonight.  I've looked like crap for two weeks and now it's time to get a grip.  I know - you're all aghast with that news and are waiting with baited breath to know whether I'll go with Dim Sum Plum or A Oui Bit of Red.  Try to calm yourself, please.

I am wondering... about this . . .

Gabrielle was returning from babysitting Saturday night and this was in her path, soaked from the rain, and about as pathetic as can be.  Since she looks like an Ewok, we're calling her Wicket - though we're sure trying to find her family!

Oh - and just so you know - if your dog is chipped, you need to register your contact information with the chip.  If there's no information recorded with the chip, the chip is useless.

I am reading... Restoration.

I am praying... for Nana's transition, that she's comfortable and secure.

I am looking forward to...
Downton Abbey Season 3 on dvd - which releases tomorrow!

I am learning
... that there is a season for doing one thing at a time.

Around the house... boys cleaning up after lunch, the girls are studying.  Piotr will be home soon to take the orchestra crew to rehearsal.  A man should be here to pick up the hospital bed at any time.

One of my favorite things... not having an extremely painful coughing fit every 2 minutes.

A few plans for the rest of the week... quiet Monday and Tuesday for me.  Then a modified World Tour Wednesday, followed by a weekend in the snow, thanks to a husband who plans, dog-ish friends, and house sitters!

A peek at my life . . . 

Welcome to life with a part-terrier.  She's very thoughtful, aerating the garden beds while retrieving the rawhide bone she had previously buried . . .
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  1. Well, I'M waiting with baited breath (or is it bated breath?) to see your toes ;D And your crochet flowers.

    Am hoping your on the mend,



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