Monday, January 7, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...clear blue skies, high of 62.  I love the winter.

I am thinking... how much I love getting back to the routines of a new academic quarter.  Oh, and how much I love fountain pens and my new Circa notebooks!  I started here, and now I'm a junkie.

I am thankful...for returning to morning walks.  Anthem is so beautiful in the black of 5am.  First I have the moon, super bright despite a crescent.  Along the main road I enjoy the trees still lit for the holidays as well as the fountains sparkling and the sound the water makes as it falls.  Once back into the neighborhood the stars increase in number as I get closer to the north end and its less intrusive lighting.  And the javalina crossings are always fun too!

In the kitchen...leftovers for lunch and a pot of chili for dinner.

In the 3 out of 4 generations under one roof department... "I asked the boys where their teacher was and if they were going to start school and they just looked at me."  There are a lot of language/meaning/context and lack-thereof mix-ups between 93-year-old Nana and my late-adopted/ESL sons.  They can't take what she says, view it from her knowledge base, and then customize it to what they understand, and neither can she.  I do a lot of explaining around here!  :)

I am creating...order.  "I will. have. order.!"  Ha - no, seriously though, this week is all about fine tuning our schedules for the quarter.  Once we're on auto-pilot, I'll have to figure out what my next project is.

I am going... eww . . . to my Glaucoma specialist tomorrow for an annual check.  Nice guy, nothing wrong with him, just don't like that examination lens making contact with my eyeballs.

I am wondering...about the current step we're on in Operation TN-2014.   Buy-outs, proposals, and jobs!  Oh my!

I am reading...just finished Spiritual Mothering, and highly recommend it.  Even if you're just talking about discipling your daughters, it's very, very good.

I am praying...for *Lauren's little brother (at her dad's - not one of mine).  He's currently in the E.R. being tested for Meningitis.

*Yup, I'm over the aliases and going public with real names!

I am looking forward to...
being in the car and on my way home from the above mentioned glaucoma appointment!  :)  Also to this Saturday and Sunday.  Lots of fellowship with our pastor in town, and a full service.  Yikes - can't forget to make communion bread!

I am learning
... gads, where do I begin?!  About discipling, Greek, lots!

Around the house... children eating lunch, just getting back into the swing of things.

One of my favorite things... visits from my brother and his family.

Lauren, Gabrielle, Haley (neice), Nathan (brother), Garrett (nephew), Sebastian, Jakub, and Nana Amanda

A few plans for the rest of the week... that stinky appointment tomorrow, World Tour Wednesday, dinner with friends Thursday, lots of people here for dinner with our pastor on Saturday, full service/big fellowship Sunday.  FUN!

A peek at my life . . . Guess who discovered the tissue box?

Care to Daybook?


  1. I sure wish we could share those morning walks :D

    Oh, I am WITH YOU on creating order. We have to fight for it. It's always a struggle to keep chaos at bay (not your sewing room, BTW).

    Alrighty, glad you've switched to real names. And how is the little boy doing? Is it meningitis? Yikes!


  2. No meningitis, and they didn't have to do a spinal tap to rule it out. He's got a bad virus, but was home within hours. Thank God!

  3. That's good news :D

    Gunnar was hospitalized with RSV and pneumonia when he was about 18 months. A boy had just died from meningitis nearby so they tapped Gunnar, just to be sure. He was so sick he didn't even resist. Poor baby! One night in the hospital, got him rehydrated, and I convinced them to let me take him home. (Long story...) He recovered amazingly fast :D

    I'm so curious about the organizational notebook/system. When I clicked the link and it showed the items, I couldn't figure out... what are the little black disks for???


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. The disks are what bind the pages together. They come in several colors/styles.


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