Thursday, January 3, 2013

Convicted by the Camera

No make-up?  Take photos with your children.
A few spare pounds?  Take photos with your children.
Grubby work clothes?  Take photos with your children.

For a variety of reasons I have precious few photos taken with my parents, from when I was young all the way until now.  Baggage had taught me to shy away from cameras until it simply became a way of life.  Now it's just habbit.

While I don't plan on going completely challenge-gung-ho, I certainly stand convicted.

Are you guilty too?

If so, I'll see you tomorrow, on the other side of the camera, with the children!

Had to come back for a post script.  I didn't occur to me that this requires a third party taking photos.  Ooops!


  1. Hey! You're back! Computer all fixied?

    I'm watching for pictures :D



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