Thursday, December 6, 2012

Meet Lily!

Yesterday morning I found Lily at the pound via  That afternoon Mr Perfect went to see if she was still available and then called the rest of us to deviate from standard World Tour Wednesday protocol to meet her.  She's a one-year-old Italian Greyhound/Jack Russell Terrier mix.  (Think JRT head on an IGH body.)

She wasn't happy with the flash so I went dark for the next photos.

"Is this my good side?"

She needs to gain a pound or two but is otherwise quite healthy.  She loves pets, snuggling, naps in your lap, and killing her rope toy.  Her current project is learning to NOT try to run through the glass door when it's CLOSED.

It finally feels like, 'home' again!


  1. Oh, how sweet! Why have you been dog-less for a season?

  2. We lost Holly, our last IGH, to acute pancreatitis while we were still in the condo. Then when we moved to the house we got Reggie, a beagle who's dad was marrying a lady allergic to dogs. He was great until he bit my son, then that was the end of him. We were waiting until my grandmother moved before getting another dog, but I couldn't, thus, Lily! :)


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