Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...clear blue skies, high of 78.  De. Ni. Al.

I am thinking...I really hate my sinuses.

I am thankful...for being surrounded by (for the most part) flexible and level headed people.

In the kitchen... Tea.  Earl Grey.  Hot.

In the 3 out of 4 generations under one roof department... never a dull moment - Nana is moving.  For various reasons found on various points of the spectrum between logic and not-so-much, Nana has requested to move.  While Mom was here (during our vacation) she found a nice home in the area Nana wants to live.  I'm expecting a call from the director any day to give us her move-in day.

Mental note... after this, NO MORE MOVING until 2014!

I am creating... calm while we get ready for company (the in-laws are visiting), whose visit is closely followed or may eve overlap Nana's move.  On a more hands-on note, I just finished this:

I am going... to continue my Christmas gift ideas list.

I am wondering...how interesting it's going to get over the next week or so.

I am reading...nothing.  We returned from a lovely trip to TN just in time for Thanksgiving and a sinus infection.  I'm only focused enough to blow my nose, stare at a movie, blow my nose, snooze, blow my nose, cough . . . I'm on the mend, but even this blog post has used up 3 cups of tea and more brain cells than I can produce.  Glamorous!

I am praying...that Nana's move goes smooth and that she can find some sort of contentment where she's going.  It's far, about an hour and fifteen minutes/ an hour and a half away, so visits won't be as frequent as I'd like.

I am looking forward to... a calm home once again.  Yes, I'm looking forward to the in-laws, getting Nana's requests fulfilled, Christmas, etc.  But gads,
some normal would really be nice.  (HA!  Normal?)

I am learning
...Greek!  OK, not this moment, but we're starting it in January and I'm really looking forward to it.  (And, I already had most of the required books - BONUS!)

Around the house...children eating breakfast, Nana having her morning snooze.  We're on break until January, so it's pretty laid back around here.

One of my favorite things...this particular group at this particular house in this particular room around this particular table.  One day I'll have to learn to edit photos so I can crop all but the hands/mugs.

A few plans for the rest of the week... dentist today, World Tour tomorrow, in-laws arrive Thursday, the very first Northwest Valley Symphony Orchestra concert Saturday night... Join us!

A peek into my day... her face is a magnet for paintball pellets.  She really is one tough cookie.

Care to Daybook?


  1. So glad you're back safe and sound :D And hoping Nana makes a good transition - glad you're so flexible!

    BUMMER about the sinus infection. Ugh. Prayers for you.


  2. Glad you are back safely. Praying that nasty cold goes away; however, it's perfectly understandable. Anyone as busy as you is likely to be halted a time or two.

    Let me know when you figure out what "normal" is. ;)



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