Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Mother Load - October Edition

peruse pressure cooking recipes
peruse Mediterranean recipes
research managing life between Reality and Disneyland
help Mom during her visit as much as possible
ongoing writing, spelling, math, etc. with boys
daily physical therapy with Nana
research 2013 writing for fab four
not freak out when I found Nana on the floor at 1am
tend to freak dog attack on HanSolo
sweat to death at a wedding
have fun with our elder and the ensuing fellowship
tend to second - not freak now - dog attack on HanSolo in less than 24 hours
research computer science for 2013 for boys/fab four?
take Nana for a haircut
find long-lost relatives for Nana
research small dog breeds good for children AND seniors
log grocery receipts
get a grip on grocery budget

make arrangements for Nana's care for October when our usual Wednesday coverage is on vacation

coming up . . .

dig myself out of a slump
walk as much as I can convince myself to
orthodontist Friday
dermatologist Tuesday (Rose now has hives.  Result of the antibiotic she was on for leprosy?)
put Cujo Reggie down Saturday afternoon
pick up Wallow (black lab) immediately after for a little timely dog sitting
get a DNR signed off for Nana
figure out our annual household beef consumption
set up plan of attack for baseboard repair and paint (renters were a little rough)
finish my quilt if it kills me


  1. Yikes! Too bad about the dog, but good decision.

    That's quite a Mother Load - I'll be cheering for you from the PNW :D


  2. Oh, yes, I too am sorry to hear about the dog. I had to take two cats to the humane society when my girls were toddlers because they kept peeing in corners...and in the dryer vent...and in the toaster (which one does not know until one tries to make toast!).

    As for the rest of your list...goodness, that looks like my goal list for a year or two, let alone a month (or a week in a month!).


  3. I stopped by to say "hello", but after reading that I just may be too tired.

    ((hugs)) That's quite the load!


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