Monday, September 24, 2012

September Miscellany . . .

. . . in no particular order:


Mr Perfect took the girls to orchestra and the boys wanted to ride along. With my mom visiting and tending to my grandmother for the evening this leaves me FREE for a few unexpected hours.  I'm telling you.  He's perfect.


You know about the best laid plans, right?

Yeah . . .  well . . .

My grandmother arrived in late July, has settled in nicely, and we've managed to keep everything going pretty well, including studies, a 3 week break, and the launch of our fourth quarter today.  The only thing that has fallen through the cracks is Napalm.  I mean, I couldn't even manage to get a September Mother Load up because I was too busy doing everything on the Mother Load list.  Ha!

But I'm not giving up Napalm without a fight.

Some how, some way, if it kills me.


I've been thinking that I'd really like to be blogging about my experiences in caring for my grandmother, but this must be weighed carefully.  I want the stories written down and I love blogging for myself.  If the format would help someone else considering or already on the same journey, then bonus.  Balance.  Must get the balance right.


While at the library the other day I ran across a book called One Perfect Word. What caught my eye was the author.  I first ran into her, so to speak, also at the library, via her book Twenty Wishes some several months ago.  (Another book I never would have picked up, but the title intrigued me.)  Anyway, One Perfect Word was propped up on an end cap, I saw the familiar author, and snapped it up just for the heck of it.  It proved a nice, light read (just what I needed at the moment) and now has me thinking.

The jist of the book is to encourage you to take one word for the year and really see all the Lord has to teach you about it, and all the ways he's using it and/or providing it, etc in your life that year.  I'm toying with the idea of not only doing this myself, but seeing if the ladies in my church would be interested in coming along for the ride, or going virtual and seeing if other ladies in the blogosphere would like some sort of monthly hook up to share what we're all learning.

I like the idea because it's not a gads-how-am-I-going-to-pull-off-one-more-thing type deal.  One word, one year, and perhaps a monthly check-in or gathering over coffee.  It can be as in-depth or as simple as the individual deems right for her situation. No rights and no wrongs.  (Yuck, I'm starting to sound politically correct.  Ew!)

Anyway, I'm thinking about it.


Our next trip will be L O N G, and in the interest of loving our friends and guarding group sanity I'm collecting ideas for a few day trips to take while we're there.  What is interesting about this quest is that when you google such a thing for this particular region, every. single. link. comes with some sort of country music something or other attached to it.  So, for this 80's alternative influence meets classical lady, I think we'll stick to state parks and non-music based museums, thank you very much.

I know, I'm going to be the scourge of the south when I get there permanently.

Must go make some before half the offspring return and leave no cookie dough for the oven! 


  1. Hurray for the ?Mr. Perfect/Storm" of events that led to you having a bit of free time :D

    I, for one, would love to hear (ie SEE via your blog) what it's like having your Nana with you. All of our grandparents are gone, but we may someday end up caring for parents

    Cracking up about you and music. C'mon! Embrace your inner redneck! Besides, you know what you get when you play country music backwards?

    You get your dog back,
    you get your truck back,
    you get your wife/husband back... ;D


  2. Don't be discouraged about your blog. It will wait for you. And a great idea about posting your "Nana adventure". Keep up the good work and sharing about your life.

  3. I have a friend that does the One Word for each year. She makes a quilt block for each year and then embroiders her word in the middle of it. Then she frames the block for that year in a prominent place for her. I think after awhile she will quilt them altogether. I tried to find a picture of some of hers but failed. :) I hope you are all doing well. Just so you know... I think of you often.


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