Saturday, September 15, 2012

Leprosy, Or, Violinist's Nickel Allergy

Rose recently came down with this loveliness.  It started small, got better, worse, better, worse, until we gave in and headed to the dermatologist.  He confirmed a simple nickel allergy.  Since allergies strike when our systems are down, the timing of its arrival makes sense, as it began towards the end of her 6-week run of move-travel-perform-move-travel-perform.

Frankly, we were just relieved to have a diagnosis.
What we weren't expecting was this much improvement in less than 18 hours.

And when we took a dry washcloth to it to drop the dead yick off it got even better.

She did end up with a staph infection which was attacked with low-dose antibiotics.  Between that, home made yogurt to balance, and a prescription cream she's 97% back to normal, with just a little area (about the size of a lime) of darkening.  That should continue to fade over the next few weeks.

In the mean-time, she's on 100% nickel avoidance which means new violin/bow parts.  (She's a tad whiny about playing with a pink exam glove on her bow hand!)  In addition, I've ordered a kit to test for nickel in all sorts of objects so we can figure out what she needs to avoid in the kitchen, etc.

While I don't find this particularly fascinating or appealing blog content, I had to get it out there in some way or another.  When I was surfing for violin-related allergy issues, I couldn't find anything.  With any luck, this will help someone avoid a long-term problem, a few doctor appointments, and a staph infection.

I'll try for a nicer topic next time around!


  1. So glad your doc helped you find a CAUSE, rather than just treating symptoms. And even gladder that she's improving so fast :D


  2. You and me both. He's a D.O. If I can't have an N.D., at least we found her a D.O.!

  3. I'm happy to hear she is so better. Wow, what a difference in such a short time. Tell her it would be okay to take a "wooden" nickle. ;o)

  4. So happy she's better.

    Thanks for all the prayers sent my way. Needed them. Felt them. They worked! ;)


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