Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Photo Update Time!

With my grandmother's arrival it's been very busy around here.  While I work to get some of my normal things back into the lineup, I thought I'd at least get a photo update posted before I completely forgot how eventful these last few weeks have been.

Reggie has begun tutoring Rosebud in history.
I really think his insights make the story come alive, don't you?

August 1st brought Anthem the storm of the century.  40 minutes of torrential downpour paired with 60mph winds left parts of our little community in shambles.  Block walls washed down, houses flooded, business closed down, people stuck at work, etc.  For more, look here.

Thankfully for us, we only saw a 6" pool in 80% of our yard (it soaked in by the next morning), a little water in through my grandmother's bedroom window, and a Mesquite out front that needed some extra support until it stabilizes.  Oh, the grill is a little bruised, as the wind knocked it straight over!

And yes, when you're a desert baby, you go stand in the rain because it's such a novelty.  The bandage on her arm was still covering up her battle scars from the jumping-out-of-a-moving-vehicle incident.

While Daisy's birthday was in late July, a final, special gift arrived from her grandparents.  An ipad!  I think she was connected to it for the first 24 hours but has since gotten a grip.  I think face time is her favorite thing to use it for at the moment, and I sure appreciate her not having to use my laptop for recipes in the kitchen!

Just afterwards we took a field trip to the MVD where she passed her test and got her learner's permit.  Mr Perfect came home with the rose to congratulate her.  And yes, she asks to drive EVERYWHERE!

Since Nana's arrival we found we were washing out the coffee pot umpteen times a day.  After a little research, we brought one of these beauties home.  Yes, the pods are expensive, but this particular model allows you to use your own coffee as well.  Best of both worlds!

Sunday, August 12 brought Mr Perfect's 40th birthday.
Here, Nana inspects some saw blades he received.

And here, he shows off a tie that Nana bought for him.
He wore it to church and that made her very happy!

Later this morning I depart for the Boulders Waldorf Astoria spa for a lovely treat.  I've been a tad stressed lately, spread a little too thin, so Mr Perfect is shipping me off for a mini vacation.
See why I call him, "Mr Perfect"?

I did a wedding here years ago, so it will be nice to go for spoiling rather than working.  :)

See you after a massage!


  1. Congrats to Daisy on the learner's permit! And glad to see a photo of Nana ;D


  2. Told ya you'd love that Keurig! :) And Mr. Perfect looks way younger than 40. Are you doing homeschool math!? LOL

  3. Homeschool math - is that like dog years but in reverse? ;)


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