Monday, August 27, 2012

August Mother Load

I have a wonderful bloggy friend, a master grasshopper herder if there ever was one.  On occasion, she writes posts labeled "The Mother Load" where she sorts out everything on her proverbial plate.  It's time I follow suit.  These days I've got so much going on that I start in the morning, stop at bed time, and can't often think through what I've done or what remains on the 'to do' list.

These posts will be my attempt at keeping track of some of it so I can look back at the end of the month and see just what in the world I've been doing.  With any luck, I'll start one at the beginning of each month (or perhaps week?) and edit as things are added, finished, and/or ignored/removed.

For the past month, Rose has been battling some sort of leprosy, I'm sure.  (I offered to research cauterization on YouTube and then give it a go, but she wasn't interested.  Go figure!)  She started cooking this rash right about the time we were in California and was playing violin for hours and hours a day.  I can't get a hard line diagnosis, and it continues to get better, then worse, then better, and worse again.  She's currently on a violin fast and if we don't see improvement in the next day or two she's going in.  (And no, I couldn't tell you when the last time any of us went to a doctor.  This is the first thing we couldn't fix with a little research in our Essential Oils Desk Reference.

Also in the medical department, Mr Perfect has some things going on that require we better attack pH levels.  Mines a tad higher than I'd like too, so this is on my re-read agenda.

Nana, while mentally 'with it' for the most part, does lose details every once in a while.  To accommodate this I'm putting a binder together for her.  It will include all sorts of things: which grand children belong to which child, maps of where various family members live, important dates, and anything else she may want in there.  It's blue, her favorite color, and is half size (5x8) so should fit nicely on her bed table.

Speaking of Nana, she needs a job, so I'm putting her in charge of teaching the boys Spanish.  I ordered this so we'd have some sort of guide for the project, so have to flip through it and come up with a plan of attack.  I had to laugh, as when the girls and I were learning Polish for the adoption trip years ago, the first thing we were taught was how to order wine.  My (then) 9 and 11 year old daughters thought that was hilarious.  Well, guess what's covered in the first few pages here?  Yes indeed, the boys will know how to order a beer in Spanish.  Thank God we're Reformed!

Next week starts our 3 week break in between third and fourth quarter of our academic year.  This means a recent onslaught of  book deliveries.  I've never read Watership Down, so that's my current project.

I'll leave Have Space Suit - Will Travel along with the Dragons books for the boys  (though I'm saving the Dragons for our November road trip).  Eyewitness to Power will merely get a quick peruse (big home educating confession here, get ready) because I absolutely hate so much of history.  (I know, I just lost my membership in the club, didn't I?)

Growing up in Pennsylvania left me with the impression that the only history there was revolved around the Revolution.  From there I moved to classic government junior and senior high suck-all-the-possible-life-out-of-the-subject style classes.  (Remember Ferris Beuller's teacher?  I had HIM for 6 years!)

Woah, rant over.  (Got Baggage Much?)  Back to the Mother Load . . .

I'm looking forward to reading some from the Moral Compass with the boys.  Up until now I've been able to avoid buying anything beginning with the words, "The Complete Idiots Guide to . . .".  However, this was the best 'overview' I could find.  Trust me, if I could have found something else with a different title, I would have bought that instead!

Understanding Jewish Holidays and Customs should be a nice read too.

Tensions in the Gulf and Tasting the Sky missed the photo.  The former I'll pass on thank you so much, and the latter I finished the other day.  Glad I pre-read that one.  There's a chapter or two the boys will be blissfully skipping.

In general I've spent the month settling my grandmother in to life here.  We've established some routines, and I've just about finished acquiring various things that she needs or simply make life a little easier.  (Thank God for the internet!) Prescriptions have finally been acquired and in-home physical therapy is THE BOMB.  We crank about three loads of laundry each morning to maintain control.  I'm back to sleeping well, and put in a few miles each morning before the rest are awake.  Shower and bible follow and then I'm off and running.  (A few pounds lighter, a few inches smaller, with sanity intact - triple bonus!)

Now, let's see how the rest of the week plays out . . .


  1. Yikes! That rash looks painful. Hope she gets some effective treatment soon.

    Love your idea for Nana's notebook AND having her teach the boys Spanish. Good for her to have something to do :D

    I have very sketchy memories of reading Watership Down in middle school and have a vague memory of disliking it, but not why. It was probably supposed to have Deeper Meanings that I wasn't getting (or maybe I was and that's what I didn't like!) Too long ago...

    Cracking up at the FB video clip. A good sleep aid, yah?


  2. Sleep Aid - NO DOUBT! And my senior year I had that right after lunch. I had a daily nap M-F!


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