Monday, July 30, 2012

Typical Rosebud . . .

"Jumping out of a moving vehicle - how hard can it be, right?"

Yes, she really said that.

(Does anyone else think she's seen Bruce Willis in RED too many times?)

My dear, young lady.  Please refrain from leaping out of moving vehicles in order to help catch the music teacher's dog.  Next time, please let me get you a little closer, (not to mention come to a full and complete stop) before hurling yourself out of the van.

p.s. I didn't run over her, nor have a heart attack as I watched her pull this stunt.  Yes, we caught the dogs.  No - not all our World Tour Wednesdays are this eventful.


  1. I'm at ... a loss ... for words. She's still smiling!

  2. Good gracious, my dear, leave that stuff for the TV stunt-men!

    (I laugh up my sleeve because at a picnic Saturday with the CAP cadets, the host let them drive his "mule" - like a golf cart on steroids - and they were all playing some military thing and MY BOYS were jumping in and out of the cart while it was going to "secure the area", etc.)

    Glad she's still smiling :D



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