Monday, July 16, 2012

The Last Two Months

May 28 - June 8
Tennessee Trip

The boys were playing football outside and HanSolo got pulled down by the tail of his shirt.
It immediately tore off and ended up on his head.  Ninja Solo?

There was a lot of this going on.
I think Daisy's recovered from the last several months of hell,
and I think she knows where she's safe.

While there our friends introduced us to the Kitchen Aide Ice Cream Maker attachment.
Geez, you'd think my children never had ice cream before!

How cute is that expression?!
You can just hear him saying, "I'm so humiliated that I've been caught by this city boy!"

June 11 - June 15
Chamber Music Camp for Girls
Packing and Cleaning/Moving for Boys and I

June 16
Move Back to Anthem

How many men does it take to remove a door?
One to remove it and five to supervise!

Someone moved in the pull-up bar, thus, all the men had to try it out.
Here Lando struts his stuff!

It took 14 friends, 2 truckloads, 2 cases of water, 1 case of soda, 2 platters of sandwiches at lunch, and a whole pile of 3x3's, 2x2's, and a few single cheeseburgers from In-and-Out at dinner.

June 20 - June 24
Daisy and I to Colorado
Visit with Mom!

What's the first thing we had to do upon arrival to our lovely guest quarters?
Text some friends!
(Is that another Beaver Dam Creek shirt sighting?)

We got to play at the quilt show for a few days.
This looked like the girls for obvious reasons.

My favorite quilt - again.
Sorry, I can't help it.
On Saturday, Daisy and I drove to Buena Vista to drool all over this fabulous used book store.  While looking for it Daisy noticed that the Buena Vistians keep some rather unconventional things in their carports.

There is a 15 minute switch-back-on-dirt-road drive up the mountain
from the highway to Mom's place, which Daisy completely mastered.

The entrance to this place sits just west of the Continental Divide.
We had to take a photo because this is what I want
at the entrance to Diamond L eventually.
(An intercom and automatic security gate pad sit in the log installed just to the left of the gate.)

Hey, a girl can dream!

And, unfortunately, one could not drive through CO without something being on fire.  We had this (and worse) for miles.

Mom called to alert us to a possible problem getting through Cortez.
Daisy found us an alternate route just in case,
but we ended up being able to stick to the original plan
since the fire was contained on the mountain side.

June 23
Rose's Send Off Concert Performance

June 25 - 26
Mr Perfect to Vegas
(He left TWELVE HOURS after I returned.  That was hard!)
Reggie arrives!

Reggie is a 7 year old pure Beagle.  His first dad was getting married and the new wife is allergic to dogs.  Thankfully Reggie doesn't bark incessantly, just when the doorbell rings or there's some sort of funny business going on.  Whew!

While he's a generally pretty good dog, he is a hunting dog with a very deep nose, capable of detecting scent up to 6 feet under ground.  Mix this with a back yard used by renters who were WAY less than stellar and you find all sorts of presents brought to the back door when Reggie's outside playing.

June 28 - 30
Rose and I to California
She's played at Disney Hall!

Several youth orchestras performed for this festival.  Then, they took the best from each orchestra to create a Festival Orchestra that played the finale.  Here is the final rehearsal of a movement from Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 4.  (The first few seconds are shaky until I found a good shooting position.)

June 30
Daisy played with Robin Mark.

I'm not convinced I'm ever going to get footage or photos from this.  If I do, I'll certainly share!


  1. And you all live on, that is one amazing summer schedule. Glad everyone is safe and sound, and thinking clearly too. lol.

    Btw, somehow my google account kicked in and I'm recieving your blog by email.... and now I can comment too. Yay God!

  2. Wow, you have been busy! Good to get caught up, though.

  3. Wow, loved this! Looks like everyone has had fun while staying so busy, at least!


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