Monday, July 16, 2012

Got Braces?

Lando Before:

Lando After:

NOW the public at large will be able to tell he and his brother apart!


  1. Oh boy, it IS the season! Wyatt will just be getting his "top rack" at first. The ortho said that the way his teeth are aligned, if he put braces on the bottom at this point, Wyatt would just chew them off. All in good time...

    LOVE your recap, with pics :D So glad you're all home and getting settled. And I look forward to updates about your grandma. Well done Rose, with the Tchaikofsky - can't believe that's an orchestra of students!

    Took me a moment to 'see' the doe in the garage. Meat?!


  2. I'm so glad there is finally a way to tell these 2 apart. I really did hate says, "so, which one are you?" duh!

  3. Please don't worry about that, Beth! That question will always be part of who they are, and it's OK! :)

  4. Hope he's managing the process well. We just spent a year with my 11-year old in "Phase 1" (just four brackets, but nightly headgear) and are now doing the retainer thing. The difference is remarkable, though, so she is inspired to keep it that way. Wondering about Phase 2, but we won't know if that's needed until all those baby teeth fall out.


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