Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...
high of 105, clear.

I am thinking...
I'm. so. tired.

I am thankful... for many safe miles.  3200 down, 500 more to go.

While the fire near Cortez, CO threatened diversion,
it was under control by the time we were in the vicinity.

In the kitchen... order.  Fine tuning a few cabinets today.

I am wearing...
my uniform skirt, blue top, matching flips.

I am creating... an unpacked library.  Unpacked all but 3 boxes of books yesterday (out of 30-something boxes) and got the furniture arranged.  Another hour of work and it will be done.  I noticed, though, that my feet were BLACK after I was done - meaning that whatever the last renters used to shampoo the carpet didn't do a thing.  Guess what I'll be doing later?

I am going... to California with Rose on Thursday.  She's playing in the West Coast Youth Orchestra Festival at Disney Hall.  Upon arrival we'll get lunch, walk on the beach, and visit the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium before getting dinner and checking into the hotel.  Friday is 14 hours of rehearsals, sound checks, calls, matinee and evening performances.  Saturday we get to visit the J. Paul Getty Museum prior to returning home.

I am wondering... about Sir Reginald, who joins our family today within the next hour or two!

I am reading... H.P. and the Deathly Hallows.

I am looking forward to... my grandmother living HERE and thus my no longer having to drive for an hour each way when it's 115+ degrees to visit her.  World Tour Wednesday will change in structure and I can't wait!  :)

I am learning
... endurance.

Around the house...
normal morning routines.

I am praying...
for a safe and early return for Mr. Perfect this evening.  (I returned from CO and 12 hours later he departed for Salt Lake and Vegas.)  Also for Daisy, who's at her dad's all week.

A favorite quote for today..."Is it nap time yet?"  (Yeah, a bit of a pattern here.)

One of my favorite things...

A quilt my mother made that she put in a show this past weekend.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Reggie's arrival today, World Tour Wednesday tomorrow, CA Thursday/Friday/Saturday, Recover Sunday and Monday.

A peek into my day...

Daisy and I exited Patio Pancake (aside from Pioneer Woman's Sour Cream Pancakes, these are the best) in Salida, CO on Thursday morning and got a kick out of this stop sign.

Care to Daybook?


  1. Questions, questions, questions?!

    Sir Reginald???

    You went through Cortez... stop at Mesa Verde? Definitely something to do with the boys! (Off-season you'll see more.)

    Black feet??? I'm not squeamish, but I'm shuddering a bit...

    The Getty - Malibu or LA? Saw the LA campus (on the hilltop) back in 2001. Amazing.

    Love the stop sign!

    And please tell your mom I think her quilt is breath-takingly beautiful. Such a lot of work she put into that!



    PS 65F here, sunny and breezy ;D

  2. Sir Reginald – our new beagle! We needed a small dog, and Reggie’s dad (a widower) is marrying a gal who’s allergic. Perfect!

    No stops at Mesa Verde this time. No time, no energy, and was the only driver to get us 700 miles home in one day.

    Yes, BLACK. I hate dirty feet and – no joke – you know the sponges you can buy at WalMart that are soft and yellow on one side and green scrubbie on the other that you use to scrub pots and pans? I opened a new one and used the GREEN SCRUBBIE SIDE for my feet. DIS. GUS. TING!

    Getty – LA

    Love you, but SO not talking to you about 65 and breezy. Just in from World Tour Wednesday. One hundred and eleven. YUCK!


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