Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...
clear and sunny, high of 106.

I am thinking...
about these next few days.  Music camp shuttling, trying to find a renter for the condo, moving, yikes!

I am thankful...
for dear, dear friends.  The kind you can unload with, come full circle with, the kind whose children are a delight, completely trust worthy, and friends in their own right.

In the kitchen... large batches of things for simple meals.  The problem with moving is that the family still wants to eat in the process.

I am wearing...
freshly painted toes!

I am creating... moved rooms, order in Anthem, and packed boxes in Glendale.

I am going... to Litchfield Park (deliver masses to Music Camp), then to Anthem (move a load).  Next week, however, I'm off to Colorado!

I am wondering...
do liars really buy their own stories?

We had this guy wanting to rent the condo.  Gave us some money, signed some agreements.  Says, "You won't regret it."  While we were in TN he calls to say that his mother died in Indiana so he's moving there, really needs his money back, and will take us to court if we don't hand it over.  (Anyone wondering why so defensive right off the bat?)  Don't get me wrong, if his mom died and he needs to get back, we have no problem refunding a little earnest money.  But if you've simply decided to weasel out of the deal leaving us without renters after pulling the condo from the market because you signed a deal, forget it.  We checked and there were no obituaries with his name in them as a survivor.  (Anyone else wondering how many times his mom has died?)

In case we were wrong, we told him to give us an address in IN and we'd send the money there.  "I'm moving on Wednesday."  Then Friday he says, "Well, I had to push it to next Wednesday, so just send it to my girlfriend."  Uh, no.  He finally gave us an address and Mr Perfect said, "Great, let me know when you're physically there because I'm shipping your money FedEx.  You'll have have to go into the building personally, show your I.D., and sign for the envelope."

We received an email response from the man - who so desperately needed his earnest money refunded and was going to take us to court to get it.  "With all that's going on with my mom, this is the least of my worries.  I'm going to let you keep it because that's the Christian thing to do."

Anyone else smelling something stinky?  Personally, I think that NOT lying to weasel out of an agreement, NOT threatening law suits, NOT lying again about moving dates and again about being in IN tends to be behaviour in better alignment with, "the Christian thing to do".

I am reading...
H.P. and the Deathly Hallows.  No big stuff during a move!

I am hoping...
that the Lord brings us renters soon.  Prayers for this appreciated!

I am looking forward to...
you know, I don't know!  I'm just really enjoying where we are right now, even in the midst of this crazy month.

I am learning
... about co-dependent people and how to not get tangled up in their drama.

Around the house... Music Camp shuttling, packing, loading, moving, lounging
A favorite quote for today...

Just do it!

You know that point of moving when you look around and shake your head because you can't pack this and that because you still need it, then see all the weird, miscellaneous things that just don't pack well, or easily, or together, and you're still shaking your head?  That's where we are!

One of my favorite things... Daisy coming home from Music Camp about 4:00, eating half the fridge, then sleeping on the couch until dinner at 6:30 when she says, "I don't know how kids who go to school keep this schedule!"  (Then struggling to stay awake until 8:45 when she headed off to bed!)

A few plans for the rest of the week...
shuttle musicians, pack boxes, move boxes, modified World Tour Wednesday, shuttle musicians, pack boxes, move boxes, shuttle musicians, pack boxes, move boxes, performance, MOVE, unpack, collapse.

A peek into my day...

No peeks, my apologies.  But I do promise a fun post with photos as soon as I can pull it off.

Care to Daybook?

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  1. You are a WHIRLWIND of energy, my friend! I don't know how you do it - especially in 106F. I would be curled up around a large block of ice, begging the Lord to show mercy to this northern girl.

    Oh my. Just OH MY. The "Christian thing to do". Absolutely love Piotr's solution of sending it FedEx and requiring I.D. Priceless.

    Hope your church friends are helping you with the move... I know how much work that is. And tell me more about the trip to CO. Just you and one of the girls, or the whole gang?



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