Saturday, June 9, 2012


May 28 - June 8
Tennessee Trip

June 11 - June 15
Chamber Music Camp for Girls
Packing and Cleaning/Moving for Boys and I

June 16
Move Back to Anthem

June 20 - June 24
Daisy and I to Colorado
Visit with Mom!

June 23
Rose's Send Off Concert Performance

June 25 - 26
Mr Perfect to Vegas
(He left TWELVE HOURS after I returned.  That was hard!)

Reggie arrives!

June 28 - 30
Rose and I to California
She's playing at Disney Hall!

June 30
Daisy playing with Robin Mark.


  1. Whew! I'm getting tired just thinking about how busy you'll be! Good thing you have such a great batch of kids to help with all of it :D


  2. You know it! There is no way I'd even attempt half of this without Mr Perfect and without the Minions ready to SALUTE AND EXECUTE!

  3. Busy, Busy! Wish Oahu, HI was on one of those stops. I've been thinking of you. Praying yet another moves goes smoothly.


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