Thursday, June 14, 2012

Confessions of a Burned Out Packer

Mr Perfect and Boys are at the Anthem house unloading, working, and waiting for the plumber to arrive.

I just got home from running the morning music camp carpool and a quick stop a Sprouts.

(Ok, ok, and a drive through Starbucks.  Desperate times, desperate measures.)

Home, shift laundry, snarf some yogurt while pinning for a few minutes.

Then must load the car and make a run to Anthem.

BUT . . . you know that point in packing where all the stuff that's left doesn't really fit well into boxes?  All that odd, poopy stuff that doesn't go together?  Yeah, that's where I am.  I'm not terribly good at this phase of the move.

SO, I figure if I eat really slowly I can just sit longer and play on pinterest more . . . because that's SO much easier.  But I've just finished it, and even scrapped the sides.  All that's left is to lick out the inside of the container to drag this out any longer.

But that's just a tad obnoxious . . . even for me.

Off to do something.  Because as a wise woman once wrote, "When you do stuff, stuff gets done!"


  1. Wow, moving again. Seems like you just settled into the condo. Sorry, I've been MIA for a bit. Are you moving out of state? For some reason I think you're moving to TN.

  2. Yes, moving again - YIKES! This one was totally unexpected. The plan was to live here at the condo until we moved to our property in TN in July of 2014.

    We plan, God makes it better. We've blown through 2 sets of renters in Anthem since moving and it came available again. My grandmother (who's in assisted living in Tempe) made a comment about she wished we'd move back because there is a room for her there. SO - here we go! We're moving back, and about a month later we're busting her out of the institution. (WOO HOO!)

    The condo is on the rental market and we're praying for occupants (who aren't immature, suicidal, mental, child endangering, or pathological freak shows - ALL of which we've had in the last 9 months) to sign up fast.

    Just a little piece of my E-ticket June! :)

    1. Wishing you caffeine, chocolate chip cookies, and a long-distance hug. I'd help if I could:D


  3. Weird... lost a comment. I think I said

    Wishing you caffeine, chocolate chip cookies, and a long-distance hug. And we would help if we could.


  4. Tried to comment yesterday and couldn't get it through... but we're thinking of you. Wish I could be there with caffeine, chocolate, and five sets of arms and legs :D (And maybe some chips and a margarita?)

    Praying for a stable renter!



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