Tuesday, May 8, 2012

E-Tickets for 2012

I'm pretty sure I've used mine up.

(Please, God, I can't take much more!)  :)

In November, Daisy announced that she didn't want to wait until she turned 18 to move to our place in TN, so in January we started working with our attorney to get her legal permission to move.  (Her dad was [and is] not willing to hear her.)

Then we started thinking about my grandmother, who turned 93 last month, and how we're the only local relatives she's got who visits her regularly.  (She's in assisted living.)  After a few discussions it was settled that she would move with us to TN.  We'd get the training we'd need to care for her and bring her east.

As for Daisy, things moved in only the way the courts can move them (false accusations, lies, bullying, no place for common sense, CYA* reports rather than definitive, etc. [from the other side, not us!]) so we decided to stay put and wait out the last two years.  While disappointing, it's also proving a blessing.  We planned some financial goals and were all set to remain here in the condo until 2014.

Then our Anthem renters flaked.

On Wednesday my grandmother mentioned us moving back there . . . and her coming with us.

Well, if we were ready to do it in a move to TN, why not in a move back to Anthem?

By Friday it was a done deal and by Saturday I was scheduling out the to-do list. As for the "when", the only day available turned out to be smack-dab in the middle of our busiest. month. ever.

So May will be easy - just packing.  (HA!)  But if you're around in June, you'd better hang on.  We've got a trip, music camp, the move, another trip, and another trip.  We're all going to have whiplash by the time we're at the end of it.  And we'd better recover quickly, because I'd really like to bring my grandmother up by mid-July or so.  (Oh, and better get some training so we know how to care for her too!

And if this is the last of my E-Tickets for 2012, that will be fine with me!

In the mean time, if you know anyone who's trust worthy and would like to rent a super sweet 3br/2.5ba, pool-side, freshly painted condo in a quiet little community, send them our way.  This one will be available in mid-June. :)

*CYA - Cover Your Ass

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  1. Wow! Whew! Okay, now I'm up to speed, and I'm so glad you're at peace about it. Sad for you that TN will have to wait, but the peace means the Lord is in this timing. :^)


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