Monday, May 14, 2012

The Child Training Bible!

Have you heard of the Child Training Bible?  I ran across it about 10 days ago and had to try it.

You order the set of color-coded cards.  They arrive with installation instructions in just a few days.  Meanwhile, from Amazon, you order a bible, a set of sticky tabs, and highlighters if you need them.  I didn't want my highlighted verses showing through the other side of the page, so I simply used matching Prisma color pencils instead.

Gather the supplies.

The main map page gets applied to the first page of the bible.

On different cards you'll find the verses that coincide with each of these sin issues.  Find the verses and highlight/underline them with the appropriate color.

Then get a matching sticky tab.  Using the verse card as a guide, line up the tab to the guide and adhere to the page.

There are a lot of verses, so I did mine 1/3 at each sitting.  First the top section, then the side section, then the bottom section.

Later when you need to address an issue you simply open the cover of the bible, find the issue on the main map, and the verses you need will all be marked right behind it.  For instance I can find laziness, which is green, and flip to the pages flagged by the green stickies.  Once there I find the verses underlined in green and I'm good to go.

You're left with extra sticky tabs, so when you find other verses that are applicable you can easily add them in.

(It's not your eyes, this photo came out a little fuzzy!)

Something that I did that I didn't see mentioned in the instructions - I cut a5x8 envelope in half lengthwise and applied it to the inside back cover of the bible.  This way we can store the verse cards and they won't be falling out.  We want these kept together because on the back of each set of verse cards are questions and things to think through about regarding each sin issue.

What's funny is that I put this together for our children.

But I've already used it for myself!

Pop over and visit Mindy to check out this wonderful resource.  She's really done a nice job!



  1. What a great idea! I think I will make this during the summer break for my children.

  2. Sure sounds/looks like a great tool. And so appealing to my visual/spatial way of thinking!


  3. I am so excited about this! My Children and I always try to find a scripture for to help answer a question or some problem but often times it take me a while to find one., or just the right one. This would help so much!


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