Friday, May 4, 2012

5 Minute Friday - Real


Figuring out my son and the subsequent parenting victories - real.

A daughter and father forming a tighter and tighter relationship - real.

A young lady getting ready to step away from Tapestry of Grace and lay out her own studies based on her interests and what the future has for her - real.  (Yikes - are we there already???)

Legal matters just about to settle - real.

Another potential major life change that could play out in July swimming through my head - real.

The blessings that could come of it - real.

The excitement of travel and music camp in June - real.

Conviction of sin - real.

Sweat from a workout - real.

The new car stereo for our anniversary, Mother's Day and Father's Day - real.

Wanna get real?


  1. I love it. This post. You're Blog Title. I would guess you take life seriously, with a chuckle. I bet you are an amazing woman. I hope you have a fantastically REAL day. xoxo

  2. I think I just left a comment....but I wanted to leave another one after I have read up on your blog a little bit.

    I was right in my first comment. You ARE an amazing woman. You are REAL. I wish I knew you IRL. I've gone through so many relationships with so-called friends, I wonder sometimes what kind of person I am. But I know it's my experiences that make me who I am. The other things I get over....eventually. Little things that bug me. But in the end it's who I am that determines if my friendships are going to last or not.

    I've lost a child. I really really hated to learn that you have too. But I just want you know that I think you are amazing. The commitment you make to homeschool your kids is not to be taken lightly. I've done it and know. That's why I think you are wonderful for doing it. Your adoption journey--I haven't experienced that but I know it takes a special person to do it. And you sound very special. Very normal. Very real.

    Great job, Q! At LIFE! I'm just a fellow mom out in cyberspace that wants you to know that I think you're doing awesome!



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