Friday, April 27, 2012

5 Minute Friday - Community

One forgets . . . one forgets what this is like . . . or did we never really have it to begin with?

My neighbor freaks out, thinks it's such a big, enormous deal that we dog-sit for her each day.  I keep telling her it's a blessing for us and we're happy to do it, yet she goes on and on about how fabulous we are.  (And trust me, we're far from!)  Why?  Because she's never had community.

Do what you can do.  Anything.  Just starting with delivering some extra cookies, a meal to a single working mom, extra eggs from your hens, offer a ride to the airport, buy a case of apples and share them, raise a barn, or anything in between.

And if there could be spiritual community as well?  Oh . . . ethereal . . . the places my mind and heart go with this aspect of community.  What do you need?  Tell me!  What prayers do I need?  May I share them?  Can I trust you?  Will you rebuke me accordingly and love me none-the-less?  Are you sure?  Am I safe to do the same?  Really?  Can you trust me?  (And if not, there's the first place I need to work!)

One little display at a time, one prayer at a time, one shared story at a time, one hand held at a time, one barn raised at a time . . . community can be built, if you'll begin where you are and with what you've got.

But we must begin.

Got 5 more minutes?

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  1. Yes, to one prayer, one meal and one shared story at a time...what a wonderful post about building community...linked up behind you at 5MF...Blessings!


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