Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tuesday's Family Feast Night

Appetizers - Mr Perfect and I teamed up to make P.F. Chang's Lettuce Wraps.

Did you know that if you don't have soy sauce you can quickly look up a recipe for it, toss in most of the ingredients required, and be just fine?

Daisy and HanSolo took on dinner.


And Daisy's home-made rolls?
They were about size of my fist, soft on the inside and golden and firm on the bottom.
Pass the butter and don't bother me . . .

Rose and Lando made ice cream cake using
layers of home made pound cake, ice cream, and strawberries.

Next time we're going to try half servings of dessert.  After that huge dinner, this was a LOT!

OK, while we're talking about food, though this has nothing to do with Tuesday, check out what came home yesterday . . .

Yeah baby . . . our first go at home made bacon.  Mr. Perfect ordered the pork belly, Daisy had it curing in the fridge for a week, got a little more help from our bacon-coach, then we sent it to a friend's house for the smoking part.  (Our grill is gas, this needed a charcoal grill.)

Oh . . . nitrate/nitrite-free, home-cured, home-smoked, baconey, delish-fest.  Not to mention the liquid gold bacon drippings for cooked eggs, tortillas, etc . . .

Gads, I'm stuffed just thinking about it!

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