Thursday, March 8, 2012

Got Faith? Got it Right?

I just (kind of) read Christianity in Crisis.  I have to confess I read the first chunk and then skimmed the rest, simply because it was too much.  The information is good, the footnotes amazing, but it's depressing to me to read that much about how people (the current biggies like O'Steen & Meyer to Hagin & Hinn, and the older founders of fluff, etc. [funny, don't those combinations sound like one of the zillion attorney groups out there who specialize in defending street scum?]), are taking the bible and screwing it up.

Anyway, I ran into an article on the Word of Faith movement and thought I'd share it.  It's a good summary of the above mentioned book if you're interested.

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  1. Satan has a million more deceptions than we can think of. And a lie is never more believable than when it's got a little truth mixed in. Become familiar with the genuine (i.e. your Bible) and all the fakes are more obvious. It's like being a bank teller. They didn't teach us what all the counterfeits looked like. We only had to know what the real bills looked like to be able to do our job.

    Individuals are responsible for using their Bibles as the standard for truth and understanding instead of "well my pastor said".

    Thanks for sharing the article.


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