Saturday, March 24, 2012

Been On Break!

I know, I'm a miserable excuse for a blogger.  For those who have checked in on me, thank you so very much!  I'm in a season of life that makes this more important and more appreciated than you can ever know.

Thankfully, we're finishing up our first 3 week break for the year and spent it taking care of things that we can't get to while studying.

First, I went to the library and actually just browsed.  By the time I got home, this was my reading pile.

Weapons of Mass Instruction - if you have children and think government education is an option, please read this book so you fully understand all the implications which so often just slip by unnoticed and unresearched because that's the way it's always been.

Caring for Parents - We may end up with my grandmother living with us in the future, be it a few months from now or a few years, so I picked this up.  Lots that is not applicable to our particular situation, but would be good for a more average situation.  There were, though, enough good nuggets in there to make it worth the read.

Rounding the Circle of Love - More about caring for a parent in your home, but totally not for our situation.

No Biking in the House Without a Helmet - About a couple with some bio children who adopt.  She starts out talking about PTA and institutionalized school in which her children participate and that's just a big turn-off for me.  I can't relate to that line of thinking, so back it went.

Three Cups of Tea - I have been trying to read this for a while, and STILL haven't read it.  (P.S. THEN I found out that several points in it aren't true.  Great.  If I want fiction, I've got fiction.  Don't need fiction passed off as truth.  Buzz killer!)

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin - Still haven't read it, but this is from our family library, so it's not like it's going anywhere.

Parenting by God's Promises - I'll probably be reading this again and again until my children have all flown the proverbial coop.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Not in the photo, but I'm currently reading it.  A bit slow to start, but it sure is interesting once you get going!

Daisy decided to tackle the refinishing of her hope chest.  It was given to her by my grandmother last year and professionally stripped.  She chose her finish, new hardware, and got to work.

(Please note the fun socks.)

The girls took a Saturday to help with some set work for their next performance.  They were supposed to be bleaching sheets.  I think they bleached themselves . . .

While the girls were bleaching themselves, I was loading the downstairs bookcases (everything but literature and faith) into  Once Mr Perfect bought a 10-key pad to hook up to my laptop it was very fast to enter the books.  (900 books in 2 days.)

Once input, it was time to get them in order.  Originally I wanted them in Library of Congress order, but found that a lot of our books that don't have a Library Of Congress number.  I then ran the sort by Dewey (I know, eewww . . . it was an act of a desperate woman!) but that system was also missing a lot of books.

By this time I was about to come unglued, as that was the whole reason I input all these books to begin with!  Rose whipped us up some mocha frappuccinos to get us through this bump in the road.


We ended up putting all the book in categories and shelved them alphabetically within category.  (We had this at our last house, but the move left a lot of books out of order.  Add to that a few children who aren't exactly characterized by detail . . .)  History is grouped chronologically, and then alphabetically with in each chunk of time.

Just as this project was done, our Tapestry of Grace redesign arrived and it was time to figure out what books we had/needed to start our next quarter on Monday.  (Yeah, a little down-to-the-wire this time around!)  But I'm telling you, I sat down with the binder and was able to do book inventory for the next 9 weeks in about 20 minutes because our history department is in fabulous order.

OK, I'm a gloating book geek and will stop it now.

Our lovely TN friends stopped by Diamond L and sent some photos.  Look what we have waiting for us!

 There are also purple tulips, several bunches around the house,
along with what they think may be iris.

There are also about half a dozen dogwood trees on the property.

And last for our break, I was able to get another binder worth of recipes off the bookshelf and into my recipe blog.  Once this post goes up, I'll be working on my last binder, "Sweets".  Yeah . . . been procrastinating on that one because there is a LOT in there.

Got chocolate?  ;)


  1. What a lot of progress!!

    And good to see you back :D


  2. Book Envy --- Right here!
    Love the organization.

    Glad to know you have been well and busy. I've been thinking of you.

  3. Ahh so jealous of your library! :)

  4. I've been very lax in blogging and keeping up with those of you I follow. Trying tonight to go through those...and hope to post something myself tomorrow. Still praying for you! :^)


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