Friday, March 30, 2012

5 Minute Friday - Gift



I'm learning lessons this week . . . gifts, each of them.  Now I just need to be a better recipient of them, and to remember them . . . always.  To consistently live them rather than sliding back to the brain-washing ways of the world.

This afternoon as I was kneading and patting out and piercing communion bread I was thinking about all the things Christ went through for me.  Beaten, slapped, pierced, just like the bread.  A gift.  Wonderful and great, in the truest, original-meaning sense of the words.

I have twin gifts, imported from Poland, and they, frankly, make me crazy on a regular basis.  But I have been, again, reminded that they are mine to disciple, rather than to 'teach'.  It matters not if they can't get a grip on word problems in their fraction study at the moment.  It matters not if they can't read a sentence and not automatically hear their grammatical blunder.  These are subjects taught and they are, relatively unimportant.

What is important, however, is that they are discipled in their character.  That they're diligent, attentive, persistent.  The math is simply a tool to use in disciple their character.  The sentence is simply a tool to disciple their character.  Did I present them with opportunities to grow in character today?  Yes.  Mission Accomplished.

Christ, the ultimate gift, and the gifts he continues to give to someone so undeserving.

Got 5 minutes?


  1. Beautiful reminders. Thanks for sharing. (Not sure if you meant children, but I have twin gifts, too. :)

  2. You know, I've always heard that it takes a very special gal to be the mother of BOYS. Sister, you are doing a beautiful job. Trust me, I know how trying it can be.


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