Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday's Family Night Feast

Every other Tuesday night (roughly) we do a family night where we pair off and each team is in charge of a different course, appetizer, dinner, or dessert.  There is one rule, though, you must use/develop a recipe that we've never made before.  Here's the run down of last Tuesday:

Daisy and HanSolo developed their own recipe for bacon spinach dip to eat with tortilla chips.

Mr Perfect and Rose made barbeque chicken calzones and served it with Caesar salad.

Lando and I made creme brulee!

Rose stood by with the fire extinguisher just in case.
(Yes, this photo is vertical on my hard drive.  I keep asking to no-avail - seriously, if you know how to get these photos to land correctly in blogger, please share!)

Lando liked the idea because it meant he got to play with fire!  :) 

It really did turn out perfectly and yes, now we want creme brulee every day.


Totally unrelated, but I had to share.
Two relatively normal girls got bored during the game last night and came down like this.
Goofy Girls!

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  1. What a neat idea to do with the family. Love it. I may have to try that around here. Brad is a good cook, Gage loves to eat. :) I see it as a "win-win".


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