Monday, February 27, 2012

Checking In

Sorry about falling off the virtual face for a bit.

We have had the crud sweep through our household.  Mr Perfect started his own sinus infection.  A few days later Rose came down with something and HanSolo picked it up a few days after that.  2 days later Daisy brought something else home from her Mexico trip.  Just as they all firmly moved to 'upswing' status I got hit.

And as if the people being ill isn't bad enough, our desk top computer died and had to be totally wiped clean, and Daisy's laptop is in critical condition and will probably be pronounced completely dead within the next 24 hours.

I'm telling you, we really know how to have a good time around here!


  1. Oh dear... well, one cloud feels lonely, (or, it never rains but it pours).

    Hang in there, my friend,


  2. I was just going to drop you a line to see how you're doing! I've had my own share of "crud" (not necessarily physical illness, though) so I've been a bit MIA in keeping up with all my virtual friends - you should see my overflowing email inbox! - but rest assured that I have continued to pray for you and all that's going on with you. :^)

  3. I hope everyone from Mr. Perfect, right down to the computers, is better soon!


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